Quick Start with Plesk

According to the latest studies, the Internet has become the most popular source of information in the world, leaving far behind all traditional media such as TV or newspapers. Nowadays, the first thing people do when trying to find services is searching for them on the web. Thus, a proper web presence is vital for every business. There are a number of ways you can present your company on the Web. A web presence may be as simple as a contacts page, or as complex as a large company website with access to an ERP system. In both cases, you should perform the same steps to get your business online.

Before proceeding any further, you will need to take the following two essential steps:

These two elements - an account for web hosting management and a domain name make up your website.

In this chapter, we will explain how to create your first website, fill it with content, create mailboxes for users of the site, and, finally, view the site visits statistics.

Advanced Hosting Features

Once you are comfortable with basic Plesk capabilities, try out some advanced hosting features: Expand website functionality by installing web applications, secure your sites with SSL certificates, employ databases, and much more.

Note: Hosting providers can turn off some of the advanced features to make your Control Panel look simple and user friendly. We have used the (Advanced) prefix to designate the sections about features that may be turned off. If you require one of the advanced options, contact your hosting provider.

In this chapter:

Set Up Your First Website

Set Up Mail Accounts

View Site Visit Statistics