Release Notes for Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3 for Linux Systems


  1. Introduction
  2. What's New
    1. 10.3.1
      1. Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3.1
      2. Customer and Business Manager 10.3.1
      3. Web Presence Builder (former SiteBuilder)
    2. 10.3.0
      1. Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3.0
      2. Customer and Business Manager 10.3.0
      3. Web Presence Builder (former SiteBuilder)
      4. Migration Tools
  3. Software Requirements
  4. Supplied Components
  5. Supported Third-Party Components
  6. Language Packs
  7. Earlier Versions Supported for Upgrade
  8. Notes on Installation, Upgrade, and Migration
    1. Known Problems and Limitations
  9. Other Known Problems and Limitations
  10. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Thank you for downloading this release of Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux.

This file contains information that supplements the Parallels Plesk Panel documentation, such as requirements, information about new features, resolved bugs, known problems, and so on. This file was updated with the latest information available at the time of release.

We do not provide support for upgrading Panel 10.3 preview builds. An attempt to upgrade such builds may cause Panel malfunction or errors during the upgrade. If you decide to upgrade a preview build, use Parallels Migration Manager or back up and restoration tools.

To view the release notes for the previous version, Panel 10.2, click here.

2. What's New


[+] new feature

[-] bug resolved

[*] bug resolved and functionality improved


Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3.1

  1. [*]  Panel ships with BIND9 9.7.3-P3 that does not contain the CVE-2011-2464 critical vulnerability. See for details.

  2. [-]  Customers failed to connect to their mailboxes via the SMTP protocol if the DNS blackhole list protection was enabled.

  3. [-]  Spam messages were not moved to the Spam folder of a mailbox alias if the Move to spam folder policy was specified.

  4. [-]  After upgrade from Panel 9.x, administrators failed to migrate a subdomain onto it with the error "An error occurred during subdomain creation: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value".

  5. [-]  Scheduled backups and website copying were not started after upgrading Panel.

Customer and Business Manager 10.3.1

  1. [*] (Only for Linux) Extended Assist support The new version of Assist (a payment gateway plug-in for Russian market) now supports the latest version of Assist API.

  2. [-] (Only for Linux) Administrator could not have a single payment method in an online store which was processed by a single off-site payment gateway. The system showed the "Online store must have at least one enabled payment method" error.

  3. [-] (Only for Linux) After upgrading Panel to 10.3, administrators failed to open Business Manager from Panel with the error "You have exceeded the number of customer accounts you can have in the system. Please upgrade your license. The license key is invalid. In order to use the Customer & Business Manager, please obtain and install a new valid license key. Contact Parallels sales representatives to obtain the proper license key.".

  4. [-] (Only for Linux) Administrators could exceed the limit of customer accounts and block all actions in Business Manager when they used the Add to Business Manager feature. When blocked, Business Manager displayed the following error "You have exceeded the number of customer accounts you can have in the system. Please upgrade your license.".

Web Presence Builder

  1. [*]  We renamed Parallels SiteBuilder to Parallels Web Presence Builder to focus on helping small businesses develop their web presence and grow their businesses with the best ROI on their investments.

  2. [-]  After customers added the ShareThis social sharing widget to their pages, their browser threw the JS error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined".


Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3.0

  1. [+] APS 1.2 support. The new APS engine introduces the following major features in apps installation and maintenance:

    Learn more in Administrator's Guide, section Managing Applications.

  2. [+] (Only for Linux) Support for alternative repositories in CentOS. A system running Panel can receive software updates not only from the Parallels Updates server but also from alternative repositories of your liking ("Atomic", "IUS", etc.). Learn more in Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  3. [+] Replacement of Small Business Panel. We discontinued to develop Parallels Small Business Panel (SBP) and recommend to replace it by Parallels Plesk Panel. The migration is performed using Plesk Migration Manager (migration to a remote box) or backup/restoration tools (migration to Plesk on the same box). Learn how to perform the migration

  4. [+] File sharing. We ported the file sharing feature from SBP into Panel. Panel administrator now can share files with others.

    Learn more in Administrator's Guide, section Sharing Files and Folders.
  5. [+] Video tutorials. Customers are able to learn how to carry out most typical tasks by watching video tutorials available directly from Control Panel.

  6. [+] Improvements to branding themes. We improved the branding settings page with more information about applying custom themes.

  7. [+] Panel view selector at the initialization. During the initial configuration, Panel administrator can easily select the preferable interface view (Power User or Service Provider). The choice can be altered at any time later.

  8. [+] (Only for Linux) RHEL 6.1 is supported.

  9. [+] (Only for Linux) PVC EZ templates of Plesk for RHEL 6.

  10. [*] Third-party components upgrades:

  11. [*] Automated reporting of installation and upgrade problems. Panel administrator is able to start automatically sharing installation and upgrade problems with Parallels to ensure proper problem analysis and timely delivery of fixes. Learn how to toggle this option

  12. [*] (Only for Linux) New options in PHP configuration. Administrators can specify custom php.ini directives per subscription for PHP running as CGI/FastCGI. The directives include safe_mode and open_basedir that one also can change in the Panel GUI and other directives that are not yet manageable through Panel. Learn more

  13. [*] (Only for Linux) Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL can automatically be kept up-to-date.. When you upgrade Panel, Parallels Installer additionally checks for updates of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL and offers to install the components updates if you wish. The Settings > Updates tool also provides the ability to update the components manually.

  14. [*] (Only for Linux) Parallels Installer self-upgrade. Before Parallels Installer starts the upgrade procedure, it updates itself to the latest version to ensure the safest and smoothest upgrade experience.

  15. [*] Installation of MU for PVC template deployments. Micro-updates (MU) are automatically installed during the deployment of a Panel PVC template into a PVC container.

  16. [*] A number of improvements to upgrade stability. 

  17. [*] A number of improvements to micro-updates. 

  18. [*] Full-server migration. Plesk Migration Manager is now capable of migrating the complete server content including server settings.

  19. [*] Panel administrator can run these command-line utilities to pre-configure some options before performing the initial configuration.

    For example, these utilities allow providers to apply license keys automatically (the license utility) even before their customers sign in to Panel for the first time.

  20. [*]  We simplified the conflict resolution page in Migration Manager.

  21. [*]  The new Panel behavior prevents situations when a migration or backup process fails due to lack of free disk space.

  22. [*]  Scheduled backups can include only mail content or only hosting content.

  23. [*]  The stability of Panel and Business Manager interaction is improved for the cases when Panel attempts to resolve a misconfigured host name of Business Manager.

  24. [*]  Parallels Installer now correctly calculates disk space required to install Panel and does not start the installation if free disk space is insufficient.

  25. [*]  Customers can check password strength for a mailbox account using a special strength meter bar.

  26. [*]  SiteBuilder promo texts are now removed from Control Panel.

  27. [*]  If an administrator changes personal e-mail address and this new address is already used by another Panel user, Panel reports an error.

  28. [*]  If an administrator changes the account password by a command-line call and then attempts to log in to Panel, they receive a notification that their password is invalid.

  29. [*]  Now backup operations do not display warnings if they encounter deprecated parameters in service plans.

  30. [*]  The "postgres" system table of PostgreSQL databases is now hidden from users of Webadmin.

  31. [*]  We improved the detail level of a log (psadump.log) that stores the progress of backing up Panel data to a remote server.

  32. [*]  Panel does not create an auxiliary user during the upgrade if the user has the same e-mail as a subscription owner.

  33. [*]  Administrators can set Panel to substract the disk space consumed by domain backups that are a part of a full-server backup from the disk space allocated to a subscription that has these domains.

  34. [-]  Customers failed to create a database user with the error "Database user name is invalid" if the option "Add username and underscore to the beginning of database user names" was selected and the total length of prefix and entered name exceeded 16 symbols.

  35. [-]  The "Mail account update" event handler received a new mailbox name in both OLD_MAILNAME and NEW_MAILNAME environment variables.

  36. [-]  Customers failed to install an APS app with error "PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object" if the corresponding APS package metadata did not contain the <presentation> section.

  37. [-]  Customers failed to change permissions for site files using File Manager with error "FileManager::get_file_info_wrapper() failed: filemng util failed" if the site had subdomains.

  38. [-]  When customers attempted to view summary report properties (Tools & Utilities > Summary Report > Properties), Panel showed a blank screen and added the error "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method ReportEditForm::ReportEditForm()" to the PHP log.

  39. [-]  Disk space usage statistics (both for customers and administrators) did not include disk space used by domain backup files if administrator selected to include the files in statistics calculation.

  40. [-]  If reseller plan and a reseller's hosting plan had permissions conflicts (say, log rotation was unavailable in reseller plan but a reseller selected it in a hosting plan) then subscriptions to the hosting plan through API RPC were marked as synced though having not all conflicts resolved.

  41. [-]  Customers failed to install an APS app because the PHP version was said to be earlier than required whereas actually the version matched the requirement or was even later.

  42. [-]  Customers failed to create an e-mail account with error "The specified e-mail address is not valid. You need to specify a valid e-mail address like" even if the entered mailbox name was valid.

  43. [-]  Customers were unable to run CGI scripts on their sites due to problems in suExec.

  44. [-]  Administrator failed to add an IPv6 address to Panel in Virtuozzo container via an API RPC call with the error "Unable to find IP Addresses" if the address was in the compact notation (say, 3FFE:1900:4545:3:2000::67D1) whereas the API call used the full notation (3FFE:1900:4545:0003:2000:0000:0000:67D1).

  45. [-]  Backup manager produced corrupted backup files if administrator modified Action Log settings to store specific number of entries or to store all entries in database.

  46. [-]  After migration of Panel, Administrators failed to open Backup Manager with the error "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method PMMResponseStatusStopped::getRestoreStatus()" if the migration process was stopped from the migration agent on a source server.

  47. [-]  Administrators failed to sync subscriptions with hosting plans with conflict in the "Physical hosting" parameter if the hosting plan had the "Enable hosting" option checked while the subscription had an additional domain with hosting type "Forwarding".

  48. [-]  After upgrade to the latest Panel version, log rotation settings on default service plans were changed to default values obtained during the installation.

  49. [-]  Database naming rules defined on the Database Hosting Preferences page were not applied to databases created during APS applications installations.

  50. [-]  A valid IP address ending with 255 ( /16) was not displayed in Tools & Utilities > IP Addresses.

  51. [-]  Mailman rejected letters sent to mailing list aliases (for example, mailing list with the error "550 sorry, no mailbox with the same name" in its log when Mailman was installed with qmail.

  52. [-]  Administrators failed to renew a Kaspersky Antivirus license using the Retrieve key tool in License Management > Additional Keys > Kaspersky with the error "Product "kav-unix" is not installed".

  53. [-]  The page "IP Addresses" showed the incorrect number of sites on an IP address to administrators if Panel was configured to work behind NAT and the DNS zone template contained a static IP address instead of a placeholder.

  54. [-]  Panel sent the empty value as a new mailbox quota to event handlers assigned to the Domain Limits updated event only if the mailbox quota was updated.

  55. [-]  The problem with high CPU load when creating a full-server backup of Panel was resolved.

  56. [-]  Administrators failed to create a mailbox with mail forwarding through the command line or API RPC.

  57. [-]  Web users with enabled hard quota were not restored if a destination server did not support hard quotas.

  58. [-]  Panel users failed to complete a scheduled backup with the error "'undef' password passed to makePasswordNode. Set to empty" if one of the backed up users had no password.

  59. [-]  Administrators failed to migrate from one Panel 10.x to another with the error "The operation is not supported: extractApsPackage not supported with RsyncContentUnpacker" if one of the migrated websites contained an application that did not exist in the Application Vault on the destination server.

  60. [-]  Panel did not automatically perform scheduled backups after an upgrade.

  61. [-]  Administrators failed to migrate a SiteBuilder website because of the error "Element 'cid-rsync', attribute 'type': [facet 'enumeration'] The value 'sb5-site' is not an element of the set...".

  62. [-]  Panel sent notifications about expired subscriptions every day instead of sending the notifications only once.

  63. [-]  Panel attempted to download the latest version of an app from Application Catalog even if this application was available locally in Application Vault.

  64. [-]  Panel hanged up and stopped accepting requests if the SSL certificate used for securing connections to the Panel contained too much information.

  65. [-]  Administrators failed to get disk usage statistics via the statistics utility with the error "Unable to get dir size of /var/lib/mysql/c1-db. System error 2: No such file or directory" if user databases contained the dash symbol in their names.

  66. [-]  Administrators could see only first 2000 mail messages in the mail queue when they queried Postfix mail servers via the mailqueuemng utility.

  67. [-]  Panel failed to restart Apache automatically if a positive pre-restart delay was specified. In addition, Apache added the following error to the log "[error] (88)Socket operation on non-socket: apr_socket_accept: (client socket)".

  68. [-]  Customers could order 1024-bit SSL certificates in Storefront, but such certificates were not issued by authorities.

  69. [-]  Panel installation failed with the error "Removing the package 'package name'. Error: 'package name'" if a server contained more than one installed version of any package used by Panel.

  70. [-]  Panel users failed to complete scheduled tasks on SUSE 11.4.

  71. [-]  Customers were able to change the server-wide DNS zone template through API RPC.

  72. [-]  Administrators always saw the Kaspersky Antivirus service as running independently of its actual state.

  73. [-]  Administrator failed to view services status and restart them after restoring Panel with the ColdFusion support. The services management page showed the error: "CF_Server_package parameter not defined in features list".

  74. [-]  Panel failed to start a weekly backup if administrators did not change the scheduled backup day offered by default.

Customer and Business Manager 10.3.0

  1. [+] Fast initial configuration. Initial configuration of Business Manager becomes faster and easier. Some steps that were required are now optional. Administrators can check what steps are left to complete by referring to the new Quick System Setup widget on the Home page.

  2. [+] Simplified management of service plans and add-ons. Improvements in administrator's tools for managing plans and add-ons speed up and simplify these operations.

  3. [+] Simplified management of taxation policies, discounts, and coupons. The process of configuring promotional tools and taxation is greatly improved to help administrators quickly set up even complex rules. Learn more in Customer and Business Manager Administrator's Guide, sections Configuring Taxation and Promoting Plans with Coupons and Discounts.

  4. [+] Filtering of website apps. Administrators are able to specify which website apps to offer with a certain Panel hosting plan. Prohibiting all apps is possible as well.

  5. [+] Import of service plans, customer accounts, and subscriptions from Panel. Administrators can copy Panel accounts and plans to Business Manager in a few clicks. Learn more in Administrator's Guide, section Adding Subscriptions, Plans, and Customer Accounts to Business Manager.

  6. [*] System Settings menu renovation. The new System Settings menu improves feature discovery and user experience.

  7. [*] Improvements in stability of installation and upgrade procedures.

  8. [*]  Administrator is able to see the exact reason of event execution failures on the Events page.

  9. [*]  Customers can now attach as many own domains as needed to hosting plans in online stores.

  10. [*]  Customers are able to view the number of forms with domain name details remaining to fill in case they ordered several domain names.

  11. [*]  We improved protection against XSS attacks.

  12. [*]  Now you can control what plan properties (disk space amount, number of mailboxes, and so on) to show in online stores.

  13. [*]  When creating new customer accounts on connected panels, Business Manager uses logins that customers specify during the order process. If a customer username is already in use on a connected Panel, the system assigns an arbitrary username to such accounts.

  14. [*]  Reversed and voided invoices do not block creating subscriptions on connected panels.

  15. [-]  Administrators failed to open the list of customer's subscriptions with the fatal error "Unknown column name for sorting: package_client".

  16. [-]  Administrators failed to print a PDF invoice with error "File doesn’t begin with ‘%PDF-‘".

  17. [-]  Administrators failed to open the eNom module page with fatal error "’enom’ Bad User or Password" if the incorrect eNom account credentials were entered before on that page.

  18. [-]  Administrators could not perform any other further operations in Business Manager after exceeding the allowed number of active customer accounts.

  19. [-]  Online store showed "Array" instead of buttons to pay for order if these conditions were met: (1) Administrator used PayPal or WorldPay payment gateway and (2) the order contained subscriptions with different billing cycles.

  20. [-]  The latest renewal date of new subscriptions was displayed in Control Panel as "Jan 1, 1970".

  21. [-]  An error similar to "Server error (code 500): Exception with message 'Can not write to file D:\TEMP/pq4y6zjdz72gkco2agplea86w3y6rny7e3ryudel1f0t3dp' caught at top level." was raised when Administrator attempted to log out from Business Manager if their web server had no permissions to write into the system temp directory.

  22. [-]  FraudGuardian did not check customers in online stores when it was enabled.

  23. [-]  Online stores displayed billing cycles in random order when a service plan had different billing cycles.

  24. [-]  Business Manager did not activate subscriptions of subscribers who paid overdue invoices if the subscribers had other invoices that were unpaid but not overdue.

  25. [-]  Customers had to enter their address and phone number each time they paid through the 2CheckOut payment processing system.

  26. [-]  The blank page was shown to customers after they completed payments through the 2CheckOut payment processing system.

  27. [-]  Customers who subscribed to plans of the following types did not receive welcome e-mails with their credentials. The plan types were: software, license, contract, non-recurring, and undefined.

  28. [-]  [-] Business Manager did not process payments through WorldPay.

  29. [*]  The repair-integration utility was revised and renamed to integration. The updated utility allows administrators to repeat the integration of Business Manager with Panel. This eliminates the need of reinstalling Business Manager in case of integration problems.

  30. [*]  Now you can use the billing-db utility to restore database dumps.

Web Presence Builder

  1. [+] Image Gallery. Web Presence Builder introduces the long-awaited Image Gallery feature. Besides the standard functionality of storing images on user’s hosting space, this module provides a unique possibility of displaying image galleries straight from Picasa and even managing these galleries from Web Presence Builder.

  2. [+] Publishing on Facebook. Users can automatically publish a copy of their website on Facebook, opening new opportunities for marketing and extending their web presence. Facebook websites are redone in Facebook-like design, keeping most content intact.

  3. [+] SaaS E-Shop Integration. Web Presence Builder provides integration with Ecwid – a powerful online store SaaS solution. This integration provides website visitors with seamless shopping experience, while giving website administrators fluid administration and full control over their e-shop.

  4. [+] Snapshot import and export. Users can download website snapshots, share them between each other and upload these snapshots from local storage.

  5. [+] Improvements to anchors. We completely redesigned management of anchors (links to particular places in user’s own website pages) to provide users with better user experience.

  6. [+] Unified branding. Web Presence Builder uses unified branding with Parallels Panel. When you upload a custom logo to Panel, it will be used by Web Presence Builder as well.

  7. [+] Full IE 9 support. Web Presence Builder supports IE9 in native mode, which significantly improves performance.

Migration Tools

Parallels Pro Control Panel (Ensim Pro)
  1. [+] Migrate sites instead of user accounts. As there is 1 to 1 relation between user accounts and sites, there is no difference whether to migrate sites or accounts. However, the site migration is more convenient as account usernames are sometimes meaningless, so we updated the migration wizard so that you could select sites. Related user accounts are migrated as well.

    Note: If there are two sites with the same site administrator's usernames, such sites are not migrated. To migrate these sites as well, resolve the conflicts.

  2. [*] Changes in migration of DNS TXT records. DNS TXT records are now seamlessly migrated to Panel and appear without quotation marks.

  3. [*] Changes in migration of anonymous FTP shares. For name-based sites, Panel migrates the content of FTP shares but does not support anonymous FTP on such sites. If you wish a customer on a shared IP to continue using anonymous FTP, assign a dedicated IP to them and turn on the anonymous FTP service manually.

    Panel adds an informative warning message about inability to set up the FTP service on name-based sites to the migration log.

Parallels Confixx
  1. [+] Migrate personal information of administrator. It is possible either to migrate the administrator's personal information or not. The default choice is not to migrate the information.

  2. [+] Migrate web statistics and Apache logs. The statistics data (Webalizer HTML and data files, AWstats data files) are put into the private/confixx-statistics directory relatively to a customer's home directory.

    The migrated Apache log files are available under a customer's system domain (named webNN.provider.tld, where NN is the user's number and the provider.tld is the host name of the machine with Confixx).

  3. [+] Migrate custom index template. A custom index page template configured by administrators or resellers is migrated.

  4. [*]  Phone numbers with slashes are migrated, but the slashes are removed during migration.

  5. [*]  The HTTPD specials added in the advanced mode are migrated as well. They are fully commented out after migration.

  6. [-]  The problem with migrating reseller account permissions to create domains and subscriptions was solved.

3. Software Requirements

Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3 for Linux can run on the following operating systems:

Operating system SNI support IPv6 support
Debian GNU/Linux 5 (i386 and x64)
Debian GNU/Linux 6 (i386 and x64)
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (i386 and x64) -
Ubuntu 10.04 (i386 and x64)
CentOS 5.0-5.6 (i386 and x64)
CentOS 6.0 (i386 and x64)
RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.0-5.6 (i386 and x64) -
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.0-6.1 (i386 and x64)
openSUSE versions 11.3 (i386 and x64)
openSUSE versions 11.4 (i386 and x64)
CloudLinux 5 (i386 and x64) -

Learn more about IPv6 support and SNI support.

Note: Before installing Parallels Plesk Panel software on CloudLinux, you should make sure that the YUM repository on the server is configured for access to CloudLinux repository.

PHP 5 is required for Web Presence Builder.

Starting from Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3, the following operating systems are no longer supported:

For details, see

Starting from Parallels Plesk Panel 10.2, the following operating systems are no longer supported:

For details, see

4. Supplied Components

Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3 for Linux distrubution packages include the following components:

5. Supported Third-Party Components

Web servers

Mail servers

DNS servers:

Web statistics:

Web scripting:

Database servers:

Spam filtering tools:

6. Language Packs

Panel 10 ships with the following supported languages:

7. Earlier Versions Supported for Upgrade

Panel 10.3 supports upgrade from the following earlier versions:

8. Notes on Installation, Upgrade, and Migration

We recommend that you read information on the product installation and upgrade before you install or upgrade Parallels Plesk Panel. This information, including detailed instructions, can be found in the Installation Guide located at".

Parallels Installer and VZ Templates downloads are available at

For detailed instructions on how to provision Parallels Plesk Panel to your customers if you are a Hosting Service Provider, refer to the Deployment Guide located at

For instructions on how to migrate data to Parallels Plesk Panel from other hosting servers managed by Plesk or other hosting automation software, refer to the Migration Guide located at

Parallels Plesk Panel Knowledge Base can be accessed at

Note: PHP 5 is required for Web Presence Builder.

Known Problems and Limitations

9. Other Known Problems and Limitations

10. Contact Information

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