Hosting Multiple SSL Sites on a Single IP Address (Linux)

Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux supports the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Layer Security protocol, which makes it possible to use authentic SSL certificates for sites hosted on shared IP addresses.

SNI helps to efficiently use IPv4 resources and provides the following benefits:

To see the list operating systems that support SNI, see the release notes.

SSL support with SNI on shared IP addresses requires that users' browsers also support SNI. Most modern web browsers, such as IE 7, Firefox 2.0, Opera 8.0, and Chrome support it, unless they are run on Windows XP. To learn more about SNI and client software that supports it, refer to

Note that in cases when SNI is not supported, assigning an SSL certificate to a site hosted on a shared IP address will associate that certificate with all other sites hosted on the same IP address.

For instructions on assigning SSL certificates to websites, refer to Control Panel User's Guide, section Securing Connections to Websites with SSL.

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