Release Notes for Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4 for Linux Systems


  1. Introduction
  2. What's New
    1. 10.4.4
      1. Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4.4
      2. Customer and Business Manager 10.4.4
      3. Web Presence Builder 10.4.4
  3. Software Requirements
  4. Supplied Components
  5. Supported Third-Party Components
  6. Earlier Versions Supported for Upgrade
  7. Notes on Installation, Upgrade, and Migration
    1. Known Problems and Limitations
  8. Other Known Problems and Limitations
  9. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Thank you for downloading this release of Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux.

This file contains information that supplements the Parallels Plesk Panel documentation, such as requirements, information about new features, resolved bugs, known problems, and so on. This file was updated with the latest information available at the time of release.

We do not provide support for upgrading Panel 10.4 preview builds. An attempt to upgrade such builds may cause Panel malfunction or errors during the upgrade. If you decide to upgrade a preview build, use Parallels Migration Manager or back up and restoration tools.

To view the release notes for the previous version, Panel 10.3.1, click here.

2. What's New


[+] new feature

[-] bug resolved

[*] bug resolved and functionality improved


The following aggregated list contains changes that were introduced in 10.4.0 - 10.4.4 versions.

Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4.4

  1. [+]  Customizable PHP configuration. PHP settings are exposed to the Panel GUI and both administrators and resellers (if allowed) can adjust them individually for each hosting plan or subscription. Moreover, customers (if allowed) can adjust their PHP settings and preset them individually for each of their websites and subdomains. Supported settings include 16 common tunable parameters for performance, security, debugging, and also a free-text field for even more flexibility. The settings are transparently applied to both FastCGI and CGI mode. Previously made customizations (php.ini) remain intact. Learn more about custom PHP configuration in the section Customizing PHP Configuration.

  2. [+]  Quick preview of a website. Customers are able to preview their websites even if the associated domain names are not yet configured in DNS. The websites are available as subdomains under a hosting provider's domain name (say, <site-name>

    Learn how to set up domain preview and use it.

  3. [+]  Customize the set of Apache modules. Administrators can decide which Apache modules they would like to switch off to achieve better performance and smaller RAM footprint (most relevant for VPS hosting providers). This tuning does not change any values in service plans, so be sure to align the module set changes with the hosting settings you offer to avoid offering features that are turned off.

    Learn more about the Apache modules customization.

  4. [+] (Only for Linux) Outgoing e-mails from a customer's exclusive IP. Outgoing e-mails are sent from a dedicated IP address owned by a customer, thus reducing the risk of blacklisting the whole server for spam. Subscriptions hosted on a single shared IP address will use this shared address for outgoing e-mail (instead of using the IP address occupied by Panel). The feature requires Postfix 2.7+ and is supported on the following operating systems:

    Learn more

  5. [+]  Quick search. Panel users can promptly find service plans, customer accounts, domain names, domain aliases, mailboxes, mailing lists, users, roles and also run operations from Tools & Settings, the left navigation menu of the Server Administration Panel, and the tabbed menu of Control Panel and by using tools on the Websites & Domains tab. The search feature is available in all views, including Power User View and Simple View, but is limited to tools available in a particular Panel. For more details about this feature and the Panel interface in general, see Becoming Familiar with Panel GUI.

  6. [+]  Optionally restrict users to access only one subscription. Customers can specify that a certain auxiliary user can log in only to a certain subscription if the customers have multiple subscriptions on the same hosting account. This feature also facilitates upgrade and migration from earlier Panel versions – former domain administrators are now restricted to only their subscription instead of being switched off (as before).

    Learn more in the (Advanced) Configuring Access to Hosting Account section.

  7. [+]  Hosting management from Server Administration Panel. A new interface option allows administrators to manage hosting services directly in the Server Administration Panel. Before that, administrators could manage hosting only from Control Panel that opened in a new window. The option is turned on automatically on upgrades from 9.5 and earlier versions.

    Read more about this option in Becoming Familiar with Panel GUI.

  8. [+]  Unified Tools & Settings page. It is easier for administrators to locate certain Panel tools or settings as all of them are now available from the single Tools & Settings page. In earlier versions, Panel settings and tools were located on separate pages (Settings and Tools & Utilities), which required more time to find what was needed.

  9. [+]  Simple view for customers. Shared hosting providers can offer customers a simpler interface by hiding unnecessary interface elements of Control Panel. Learn more

  10. [+]  Simple view for administrators. VPS and dedicated server providers can offer power users a simpler interface by hiding unnecessary elements in the user interface. Alternatively, Panel administrators themselves can voluntarily switch to Simple view and select the tools they would like to use. The view is activated in Settings > Interface Settings or in the initial configuration wizard. Learn more

  11. [+]  Usability improvements on the Domains page.

    Learn more about hosting services management in Managing Subscriptions.

  12. [+]  Mailbox size in the mailboxes list. Panel users can view the disk space occupied by each mailbox in the mailboxes list on the Mail tab in Control Panel.

  13. [+]  (Only for Linux) Native Postfix configuration. Panel configures Postfix in its native way instead of using the Qmail-compatible configuration.

  14. [+]  Download log files via FTP. Customers can download site logs through FTP in addition to downloading through Control Panel.

  15. [+]  IPv6 support for PTR. Panel users can create DNS zones for IPv6 as they did for IPv4.

  16. [+]  Administrators have no need to configure a domain name for SSO. Panel and Business Manager can work together, even if their IP addresses are not resolved to domain names (though this is a desired behavior).

  17. [+]  (Only for Linux) Availability of version-free EZ templates We offer one EZ template that can be upgraded to any other future version of Panel. This makes it easy to stay up-to-date.

    Learn more.

  18. [+]  (Only for Linux) Mailboxes do not accept new mail if the mailbox quota is exceeded. Both Qmail and Postfix will reject incoming mail when the target mailbox is over quota instead of bouncing it as before. The previous behavior was known as backscattering and might have caused the Plesk server to be included in anti-spam DNS blacklists.

  19. [+]  Improvements in working with subdomains. The concept of subdomains was revised to embody the following improvements:

  20. [+]  Update and upgrade availability control and indication. Panel introduces a number of features that make keeping Panel up-to-date even easier:

    Learn more about update and upgrade settings.

  21. [+]  Backup Manager improvements. We added a number of new features to the Backup Manager tool, which make it even handier:

    Additionally, Panel prevents backup failures caused by insufficient disk space in the following two ways:

    Learn more about configuring backup settings

  22. [+]  Migration tools refinement. Panel meets customer needs and introduces long-awaited features in migration tools:

    Learn more about Panel data migration in Migrating Data from Other Hosting Platforms.

  23. [+]  Reorganization of overuse options. In earlier versions, there were three overuse options:

    We rearranged the options to better indicate the actual outcome of each choice. For more information about resources overuse, see Resources.

  24. [+]  Adding files to archive in File Manager. Customers can add files and folders to an archive using the new Add to Archive button in the File Manager tool (in Control Panel, on the Websites & Domains tab).

    Learn more about working with File Manager.

  25. [+]  New supported operating systems. Panel can be installed on the following new operating systems:

  26. [+]  Improved themes structure. The structure of Panel themes is heavily refined from legacy code making it easier to customize the Panel look and feel.

  27. [+]  Support for new languages. The Brazilian Portuguese locale (pt-BR) is now supported.

  28. [+]  Two apps can share the same directory. Customers can install a website app to a directory occupied by another app. Practically this means that installing an app to docroot does not block further installations to docroot. Administrators can prohibit this feature in panel.ini. Learn more

  29. [+]  New site_* event handlers. The list of event handlers was expanded to support new operations of creating, updating, and deleting sites, domain aliases, and subdomains. Learn more about event handlers

  30. [+]  Parallels Plesk server monitoring and management from mobile devices. Administrators can view the information about Panel servers on their Android and BlackBerry devices using Parallels Plesk Server Monitor. Moreover, with Parallels Plesk Server Manager that will become available shortly, administrators can use their mobile devices to take control over various Panel functions. You can run the applications on the following devices:

  31. [*]  The user experience of working with phpMyAdmin is improved by removing a warning about the difference between the PHP MySQL library version and the MySQL server version.

  32. [*]  The list of a customer's subscriptions is now sorted by subscription's name.

  33. [*]  Administrators can refresh Parallels Health Monitor to let the tool detect hardware changes and update the statistics.

    Read more about Health Monitor.

  34. [*]  During Panel upgrade, Parallels Installer shows the notification that Panel 10 is not compatible with hMailServer and offers the ways to migrate to another mail server.

  35. [*]  Website apps that do not meet limitations of APS support are not shown to customers. More accurately, Panel does not show apps that use PVC, mail, and DNS aspects.

  36. [*]  A website administrator's e-mail was removed from default site pages to prevent e-mail stealing and spamming.

  37. [*]  Administrators can force Panel to restart the Apache web server gracefully. See for details.

  38. [*]  Customers can see a more informative error message when they encounter a problem with backing up additional domains.

  39. [*]  Panel now applies PHP settings to domains in the correct order: server-wide settings, then Panel-defined settings, then per-domain settings.

  40. [-]  Administrators failed to convert Panel 9.5.4 backups with the pre10-backup-convert utility with the error "The called template 'createIpElement' was not found." if the backups contained domains without physical hosting.

  41. [-]  Administrators failed to perform a Panel installation or upgrade with the error "Starting httpd: /usr/sbin/httpd: symbol lookup error: /usr/sbin/httpd: undefined symbol: apr_pool_pre_cleanup_register [FAILED]".

  42. [-]  A critical security vulnerability in Panel API RPC was eliminated.

  43. [-]  Mailing lists were not transferred during the migration from Panel 9.x if the default system locale on a source server was not English. The error in dump.log was "INFO Unable to found Mailman installation".

  44. [-]  Administrators and customers failed to complete domain restoration using the pleskrestore utility. Restoration failed with the error "Permission denied" and some directories from the backup were not restored.

  45. [-]  Panel failed to create a valid backup of domains owned by customers under a certain reseller account. Empty tar file was created instead.

  46. [-]  The Panel login page contained the outdated information about how to retrieve a forgotten password.

  47. [-]  Administrators failed to configure the Panel firewall module from the Tools & Settings page on servers that did not have the IPv6 support. The following error occurred: "/opt/psa/var/modules/firewall/ failed: ip6tables v1.4.4: invalid mask ‘’ specified".

  48. [-]  Customers could not send e-mails after the Panel upgrade. Panel logged the error "Unable to stat entry '/usr/local/psa/handlers/info/10-spam-UsGLyt/executable' or it is not link: Permission denied" in /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog.

  49. [-]  Administrators failed to migrate domains which were aliased to IP addresses different from the subscription IPs. Such domains were not associated with physical hosting after the migration.

  50. [-]  Site visitors could see a white bar in the bottom of the page when opening a customer's website. This error appeared only when the website used frame forwarding to another site that used frames as well.

  51. [-]  Customers failed to copy their sites using the Website Copying tool in Control Panel. The copy process hung with the message "Copying the website to You will be notified of the progress by e-mail".

  52. [-]  Panel failed to activate customers’ domains in mail servers if the corresponding subscriptions were created with the ‘Suspended’ status and then activated by the administrator using API RPC.

  53. [-]  Administrators and customers failed to upload SSL certificate files with the error "SSLCertificate::check_signs() failed: openssl_x509_checkpurpose() failed".

  54. [-]  Customers could not open phpMyAdmin with the error "Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly".

  55. [-]  The link to view what's new in available upgrades on the Administrator's dashboard opened the release notes for the current product version instead of opening the release notes for the new version.

  56. [-]  Administrators failed to perform Panel migration if the SSH port in migration settings was specified in the range between 32768 and 65535. Migration Manager raised the error "launchpad error (Error code = 1)".

  57. [-]  Panel failed to start backup tasks scheduled by resellers.

  58. [-]  Customers could not change a mailbox size for domains with the Forwarding hosting type.

  59. [-]  Customers failed to install some APS apps (say, Drupal or Magento) as Panel hung during the installation and logged the error "PHP Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /usr/local/psa/var/apspackages/" in /var/sw-cp-server/error_log.

  60. [-]  When the administrator changed a background image of a custom button in Tools & Settings > Custom Buttons, the changes were not applied immediately.

  61. [-]  Customers were able to see the IPv6 address selector in Websites & Domains > Web Hosting Settings even if their subscription had no IPv6 support.

  62. [-]  Panel ignored the limit of a maximum number of backups allowed to store in an FTP repository if the administrators specified the absolute path instead of the relative for the repository root in /etc/proftpd.conf.

  63. [-]  Parallels Installer did not apply minor updates during Panel installations if administrators ran it with the option --disable-major-updates.

  64. [-]  Administrators failed to migrate Panel through Migration Manager if the server data had a subscription with a domain whose name included upper-case symbols. This error added the following line to stderr: "Object not found: Domain DomainName.tld".

  65. [-]  The Watchdog module showed wrong CPU utilization statistics to administrators.

  66. [-]  Customers were able to remove the domain system directory (say, etc/ or bin/) if they created and then removed a subdomain with the same name (say, or

  67. [-]  Administrators failed to manage firewall rules in Tools & Settings > Firewall with the error "Error: Could not activate firewall configuration" on some servers without IPv6 support.

  68. [-]  Administrators received corrupted output messages from the dns utility while managing a DNS zone.

  69. [-]  Panel did not deliver mail to a domain's mailboxes if that domain's name coincided with the Panel server's host name.

  70. [-]  Domain content was incompletely transferred during the Panel migration if the rsync option was switched off. If an auxiliarily user of a certain subscription did not have the read permission to a file, this file was lost after the migration.

  71. [-]  Administrators failed to turn off the overselling policy for reseller subscriptions with the error "The resource usage limit of Unlimited is already assigned to subscriptions. You cannot specify a value less than Unlimited".

  72. [-]  Panel did not change the interface language immediately when Panel users selected another language on the Panel login page.

  73. [-]  Web Presence Builder was not available on sites created under subdomains.

  74. [-]  The daily maintenance task failed to calculate daily web statistics with a fatal error if log files contained the \0 character (null-character).

  75. [-]  Panel broke web server configuration files if the server managed more than 300 IP addresses. The error message was: "New files of configuration for Apache web server were not built due to errors in configuration templates. The detailed error message was e-mailed to you, so please check the e-mail, fix the errors, and click here to retry generating configuration."

  76. [-]  Site visitors were unable to reach customer websites if they specified the "www." before the domain names.

  77. [-]  Administrator's contact information became corrupted after execution of the daily maintenance script if it contained non-English characters and Panel was in Power User view.

  78. [-]  Panel users could not send mail messages using Qmail with the error "delivery 7: deferral: CNAME_lookup_failed_temporarily._(#4.4.3)/" if a nameserver could not resolve a DNS record of the "ANY" type.

  79. [-]  When customers copied a database using Panel tools, the resulting database was created but its schema and data were not copied.

  80. [-]  Administrators could not set up Watchdog to monitor the IMAP/POP3 mail server (Courier-IMAP) with various errors like "segfault at 800b2cc ip 0805d0d8 sp bfffda80 error 4 in monit".

  81. [-]  Administrators failed to reconfigure Apache using the command "/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/httpdmng --reconfigure-all" if one of sites had a custom vhost.conf file that was removed.

  82. [-]  The user experience of installing web apps is improved by correcting an error message that appeared when customer attempted to install unsupported app add-ons.

  83. [-]  Administrators failed to perform migration from cPanel with Apache installed not to a default location. The migration log contained the error "Attribute 'www_root' is required but isn't found".

  84. [-]  Customers were unable to remove password-protected directories from subdomains.

  85. [-]  Administrators received e-mails about errors in the daily maintenance script “/usr/share/spamassassin/sa-update.cron" every day.

  86. [-]  Customers were unable to install the XandMailWeb2cs application with the error “PHP Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty; File: /opt/psa/admin/plib/Apspp/Meta/UrlMapping.php, Line: 136”

  87. [-]  Customers were unable to remove domains with the error “Table::select() failed: no such row in the table”.

  88. [-]  After upgrading from Panel 9.x, the system backed up the content of upgraded subdomains twice.

  89. [-]  E-mails sent from Panel with Postfix had incorrect DomainKey signatures.

  90. [-]  The backup consumed 0 bytes after moving the backup from an FTP repository to a server repository.

  91. [-]  Customers were unable to back up their subscriptions and move backups to Personal FTP repositories because Panel used passive mode ignoring the settings.

  92. [-]  Panel did not migrate subdomains of forwarding domains.

  93. [-]  Panel did not show the Apache web server in the list of installed components.

  94. [-]  Some applications in the apps list in Control Panel appeared as featured to customers; however, it was not possible to install them to Panel because of their nature – standalone desktop applications, for example.

  95. [-]  Panel failed to display the list of domains on the Websites & Domains tab with the error "PleskFatalException: is out of webspace".

  96. [-]  Panel incorrectly calculated FTP traffic for additional FTP accounts if there were additional domains on a webspace.

  97. [-]  Panel automatically removed all license keys including the current one during the key renewal if the option "Clear keys history" was selected.

  98. [-]  Customers could not install the XandMail application with the error "Installation of XandMailWeb2cs V4 at http://domsin.tld/dir failed. Non-zero exit status returned by script."

  99. [-]  Panel removed .htaccess files while applying password protection to directories.

  100. [-]  Customers could not upload large files into the My files repository with the error "Unable to upload: unknown error. Error code: 0. Contact the server administrator to resolve this problem".

  101. [-]  Administrators could not add the subnet address to a mail server's white list with a validation error.

  102. [-]  Search in Application Vault did not work.

  103. [-]  Customers could not log in to webmail on IDN domain names with an error about invalid credentials.

  104. [-]  During migration of subscription from one Panel 10.x to another, some mailbox users were not migrated.

  105. [-]  Panel failed to migrate a subscription from one Panel 10.x to another if the subscription contained a service user with a mailbox (on the source Panel) and the same user without the mailbox (on the destination Panel).

  106. [-]  Additional FTP users assigned to a single additional domain or subdomain could not access the cgi-bin directory.

  107. [-]  Customers could not create a subscription-level backup if the subscription contained a domain with the Frame forwarding hosting type and had both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses assigned after the upgrade from 8.6.

  108. [-]  Administrators were unable to add the Norwegian language (nb-NO) with the error "nb-NO Unable to recognize the language".

  109. [-]  French customers could see a wrong status message after they successfully uploaded a file via File Sharing.

  110. [-]  Panel failed to collect usage statistics with an error like: "statistics: MySQL error 1049: Unknown database 'zxzsdasd' executing query: SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM `zxzsdasd`".

  111. [-]  When installing a Panel module, Administrators could see errors like "missing LSB tags and overrides".

  112. [-]  Customers were not able to prevent the modification of an e-mail message subject if this message was considered spam.

  113. [-]  Panel could accidently remove an IP address from the white list of the mail server configuration which led to blockage of mail relaying from such IPs.

Customer and Business Manager 10.4.4

  1. [+]  Added the support for – the domain name registrar for the Russian market.

  2. [+]  Now Business Manager supports selling SSL certificates from the OpenSRS provider.

  3. [+]  Reseller accounts support. Business Manager now supports reseller accounts in addition to administrator and customer accounts. Resellers have flexible capabilities to set up their own business including online stores, accounting, payments processing and integration with domain registrars and SSL certificate authorities. Business Manager fully supports reseller model in Plesk Panel.

    See the details about reseller accounts in Administrator's Guide and Reseller's Guide.

  4. [+]  Integration SDK. Business Manager SDK covers the themes of creation of own on-site payment gateway plug-ins, domain registrar plug-ins and SSL certificate provider plug-ins.

  5. [+]  Customization of schet-facturas. Business Manager now provides means to customize schet-facturas (the financial documents for the Russian market).

    Learn more about schet-facturas here.

  6. [+]  New command-line utilities. A number of command-line utilities are now documented, namely:

  7. [*]  Administrators can set up the SSO service to identify servers by IP addresses (in addition to host names). The system of Business Manager and connected Panel servers will work even if the Business Manager's IP does not resolve to a domain name.

  8. [*]  Automatic orders processing provides the new option to accept all incoming orders automatically.

    Read more about orders processing here

  9. [*]  Now documentation for PayPal gateway module contains instructions on how to set up Panel to accept PayPal IPN messages on default HTTP and HTTPS ports.

  10. [*] When new subscriptions are added from Panel, CBM clearly describes the policy of billing and generating invoices for them.

  11. [*] Before removing a user account from CBM, CMB clearly explains what will actually be removed and where.

  12. [*] The labels for the domain contact fields shown in online stores for the RuCenter registrar plug-in are improved to prevent misunderstanding and failed orders.

  13. [-]  Business Manager failed to automatically issue invoices for domain names renewal.

  14. [-]  Business Manager generated incorrect links like after the administrators run the update-hostname utility.

  15. [-]  Administrators could not add customer accounts from Panel to Business Manager with the error "Language not found: language_iso2=zh" if the customer had the Chinese locale in Panel.

  16. [-]  The layout of the page that summarized the information about a domain registration plan was broken if the plan offered a number of TLDs in a number of currencies.

  17. [-]  Customers failed to buy a domain name with the error "Following domains are already registered: " if this domain name had been purchased before, and afterwards the account of the domain owner was removed from the system.

  18. [-]  Administrators failed to upgrade Business Manager with the error "Fatal error: Call to a member function update() on a non-object".

  19. [-]  Administrator could block Business Manager functions while applying quick manual payment. The blocking was accompanied by the following text:"You have exceeded the number of customer accounts you can have in the system. Please upgrade your license. No way to continue work with billing without upgrade of license."

  20. [-]  Business Manager did not show adapted payment plug-ins in the list of installed modules.

  21. [-] Customers failed to complete the purchase in online stores and encountered the error "Store temporary unavailable" if generation of invoices in PDF failed because of a wrong logotype image.

  22. [-]  [-] Administrator failed to associate domains with a hosting subscription: all associated domains, except the last one, were removed.

  23. [-]  [-] CBM failed to provision hosting subscriptions for sites created by means of Customer Acquisition Scenario in cases when the customers paid the invoices after the trial sites expired.

  24. [-]  [-] In cases of integration with banks in the UK, CBM failed to process payment transactions through the Payflow Pro payment gateway.

  25. [-]  The OpenProvider module's settings included the improper default API URL which resulted in failures in order processing with the error "Cannot establish a connection with the server: %host%. Please refer to the Action Log for details."

  26. [-]  Administrator could not add new registrars to Business Manager with the error “Could not connect to host”.

  27. [-]  Subscriptions were not unsuspended automatically after the subscribers paid all overdue invoices.

  28. [-]  Administrators could not use long passwords in plug-ins and Panel modules.

  29. [-]  Business Manager did not send notifications about new invoices to administrator while the corresponding option was enabled.

  30. [-]  Business Manager did not send notification about new issued invoices to administrators even if they checked the "New invoice notification" option in service plan settings.

  31. [-]  The settings of the OpenProvider registrar contained the deprecated default URL for API entry point.

  32. [-]  Administrators could not log in to Panel after securing it with a custom SSL certificate because their browser redirected them to Customer & Business Manager in the infinite loop.

Web Presence Builder 10.4.4

  1. [+]  Blog. The Blog module gives users the ability to add multiple blogs on their website. Users can post their thoughts, news and other interesting bits of information by creating blog posts in a blog module the same way they create a page. Blog comes with the "cut" functionality and calendar.

  2. [+]  Comments. Based on Disqus, the most popular commenting system nowadays. The Comments module can be added to any page or blog post, allowing website visitors to leave their comments. A website owner can moderate these comments right on the website or in the editor after logging in to Disqus. This module can replace Guestbook for those who need it. Registration with Disqus (free of charge) is required to use this module.

  3. [+]  Document Manager. Small businesses will be happy to know they can easily upload price lists and other documents to their website through Document Manager. These documents can be made accessible to website visitors through standard Link functionality of the Text & Images module.

  4. [+]  Limited content import from SB 4.5. Upon selecting a website topic, users can click Import Site from SB 4.5 and input the URL to their SiteBuilder 4.5 website for importing the content and design of their old site to Web Presence Builder 10.4. Note that this functionality has some limitations – not all content and design can be imported.

  5. [+]  Hiding of editing panels. Most modules have editing panels that are not typically used more than once. To prevent these panels from showing up every time you open a module, it is possible to simply click Hide Panel to hide the editing panel for this particular module. Clicking Show Panel will bring the panel back again.

  6. [+]  Adding and removing website topics. Hosters can add their own website topics and remove existing topics from the list of website topics. This can be done via a special command-line utility.

    Learn more about the topics modification here.

  7. [+]  Custom link to Getting Started video and Help. Hosting providers can modify links to the Getting Started video and Help in a configuration file. Different locales are supported for both video and help.

  8. [+]  Stand-alone version. Builder is now available as a stand-alone offering that does not require Panel.

  9. [+]  Robots.txt editor. Customers can go to Settings > Advanced to edit the robots.txt file.

  10. [*]  Improved the website generation logic.

  11. [*]  The localization guide contains instructions on how to translate Builder into other languages.

  12. [-]  The confirmation dialog was not displayed when customers reverted snapshots.

  13. [-]  After upgrading from earlier versions, Builder failed to start with the error "Table 'token_access' - SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'skin_id' in 'field list'".

  14. [-]  Customers were unable to see their site copies on Facebook if Builder was absent in the Facebook applications list.

  15. [-]  Customers could not open websites with more than 200 images in Image Gallery due to the error "Java Error: unterminated string literal".

  16. [-]  Images were not displayed on published websites under Internet Explorer 8.

  17. [-]  The robots.txt created by customers was replaced by Builder's robots.txt. This problem was resolved by providing a way to edit robots.txt from Builder.

  18. [-]  Builder showed website keywords in the upper left corner of site pages.

3. Software Requirements

Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4 for Linux can run on the following operating systems:

Operating system SNI support IPv6 support
Debian GNU/Linux 5 (i386 and x64)
Debian GNU/Linux 6 (i386 and x64)
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (i386 and x64) -
Ubuntu 10.04 (i386 and x64)
Ubuntu 12.04 (i386 and x64)
CentOS 5.0-5.8 (i386 and x64)
CentOS 6.0-6.3 (i386 and x64)
RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (i386 and x64) -
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.0-6.3 (i386 and x64)
openSUSE versions 11.3 (i386 and x64)
openSUSE versions 11.4 (i386 and x64)
openSUSE versions 12.1 (i386 and x64)
CloudLinux 5 (i386 and x64) -
CloudLinux 6.0-6.2 (i386 and x64)

Learn more about IPv6 support and SNI support.

Note: Before installing Parallels Plesk Panel software on CloudLinux, you should make sure that the YUM repository on the server is configured for access to CloudLinux repository.

PHP 5 is required for Web Presence Builder.

Starting from Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3, the following operating systems are no longer supported:

For details, see

Starting from Parallels Plesk Panel 10.2, the following operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Debian GNU/Linux 4
  • openSUSE 10.3
  • openSUSE 11.0
  • openSUSE 11.1
  • For details, see

    4. Supplied Components

    Panel 10 for Linux distribution packages include the following components:

    5. Supported Third-Party Components

    Web servers

    Mail servers

    DNS servers:

    Web statistics:

    Web scripting:

    Database servers:

    Spam filtering tools:

    6. Earlier Versions Supported for Upgrade

    Panel 10.4 supports upgrade from the following earlier versions:

    7. Notes on Installation, Upgrade, and Migration

    We recommend that you read information on the product installation and upgrade before you install or upgrade Parallels Plesk Panel. This information, including detailed instructions, can be found in the Installation Guide located at".

    Parallels Installer and VZ Templates downloads are available at

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