Getting Information About Domain Accounts

Plesk Administrator can request any information about any domain account registered in Plesk database. Plesk resellers can request information on their own domains and their clients' domains. In turn, Plesk clients can get information on their own domain accounts only. This information is as follows:

Plesk user can get all information at once or specify certain kinds of information (e.g., only hosting settings). The information can be selected for a certain domain, for a group of domains, for all domains belonging to a certain Plesk user (or several), or for all domains registered in Plesk. To request the information about domains, use a request XML packet with the get operation.

Note: If you interact with Plesk 9 through API RPC and earlier versions, and you request info on domain accounts owned by a reseller using get, Plesk will return info on only reseller's personal domain accounts, excluding those owned by the reseller's clients.
To retrieve info on domain accounts owned by Plesk Administrator, specify artificial client account login name in the filtering rule.
If you request info on all domain accounts, the info on all domain accounts (including the accounts owned by Plesk Administrator) will be returned.

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