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Expand Setting Up a Global Account
Expand Customizing Your Control Panel
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 Simplifying Setup of Web Sites
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Collapse Backing Up And Restoring Your Data
    Configuring Control Panel for Using FTP Repository
    Backing Up Your Account with Your Domains
    Backing Up Individual Domains (Web Sites)
    Backing Up Databases (Windows Hosting)
    Scheduling Backups
    Restoring Data From Backup Archives
   Expand Restoring Databases
   Expand Maintaining Your Backup Files Repository
   Collapse Maintaining Database Backup Files Repository (Windows Hosting)
       Uploading Database Backup Files To Server
       Downloading Database Backup Files From Server
       Removing Database Backup Files From Server
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Expand Monitoring Connections to Control Panel and FTP Services
 Accessing The Server Using Remote Desktop (Windows Hosting)
Expand Using Help Desk for Resolving Your Customers' Issues and Requesting Assistance from Provider