Using Command Line Utilities

This chapter describes in detail the commands and options currently available in the Parallels Plesk Panel for Windows command line interface. Each command and option is accompanied by a description and a usage example.

In this chapter:

Additional Administrator Accounts: admin_alias.exe

Additional FrontPage Accounts: fpseuser.exe

Additional FTP Accounts: ftpsubaccount.exe

Administrator's CP Preferences: admin.exe

Anonymous FTP Service: anonftp.exe

APS Catalog: aps-catalog Utility

Client Accounts: client.exe

Client Limits, Permissions, and Interface Settings: client_pref.exe

Client Templates: client_template.exe

Coldfusion DSN Connections: coldfusion_dsn.exe

ColdFusion Service on Parallels Plesk Panel Server: cfsetting.exe

Custom Buttons: custombutton.exe

Databases: database.exe

Database Servers: database-server.exe

Desktop Presets: desktop.exe

DNS Zones on Domains: dns.exe

DNS Zone Template: server_dns.exe

Domain Accounts: domain.exe

Domain Administrator Accounts: domadmin.exe

Domain Aliases: domalias.exe

Domain Limits and Preferences: domain_pref.exe

Domain Templates: domain_template.exe

Event Handlers: event_handler.exe

Firewall: firewall.exe

Hosted Objects Security: HostingSecurity.exe

Interface Templates and Controls Visibility: interface_template.exe

IP Addresses: ipmanage.exe

IP Pools: ip_pool.exe

License Key Properties: keyinfo.exe

License Keys Update: keyupdate.exe

Mail Accounts: mail.exe

Mail Autoresponders: autoresponder.exe

Mail Server Configuration Restore: mchk.exe

Mail Server Options: mailserver.exe

Mailing Lists: maillist.exe

ODBC DSN Connections: dsn.exe

Protection on Site Directories: protdir.exe

Reseller Accounts: reseller.exe

Reseller Limits, Permissions, and Interface Settings: reseller_pref.exe

Reseller Templates: reseller_template.exe

Server Security: ApplySecurity.exe

Server Initial Configuration And Administrator's Personal Info: init_conf.exe

Shared SSL Service Settings: shared_ssl.exe

Single Sign-On Configuration: sso.exe

Site Content Protection from Hot-Linking: hotlink_protection.exe

Sitebuilder Integration: sitebuilder.exe

Spam Filtering Configuration on the Mailbox Level: spamassassin.exe

SSL Certificates: certificate.exe

Statistics Calculation: statistics.exe

SQL Query Execution: dbclient.exe

Subdomains: subdomain.exe

System and Interface Preferences: server_pref.exe

Tomcat Service and Java Applications on Domains: tomcat.exe

Traffic on Domain: traffic.exe

Virtual Directories: virtdir.exe

Virtual Host Templates: skeleton.exe

Web Applications: siteapp.exe

Web User Accounts: webuser.exe