Previewing Your Catalog

Once you add a product to your catalog, you can preview it and make a test purchase to see how your customers will navigate your online store and place their orders. To do so, click the Preview button at the bottom of Plesk Sitebuilder window and navigate to the online store page.

For each product, the following details are displayed to your site visitors:

By clicking the product name, your site visitor gets to the product page on which the following information is shown:

When your customers click Add to Cart for a certain product in the catalog, this product is added to their shopping cart. Having filled the cart, customers click Buy to proceed to the shopping cart itself and actually purchase the items.

The first page of your shopping cart displays the following details:

On the second page of the cart, your buyers are asked to fill in their contact information, select a payment method and a shipping cost (if you have previously specified any shipping costs).

Checkout Page

On the last page of your shopping cart, a buyer sees their full purchase details, including the shopping cart contents, contact details, selected payment and shipping methods. The buyer can edit any of these data. If you, as the online store owner, have specified your Terms of service, they are also displayed on this final page.

Final Checkout Page

By clicking Continue buyer completes the purchase. An order is placed in Plesk Sitebuilder (with a New status), order confirmation is sent to the customer's e-mail, and a payment transaction is initiated (in case one of the online payment options was chosen).