Sitebuilder API


Sitebuilder API is a programming interface to various functions of Sitebuilder. Using this API, you can administrate Sitebuilder without visual web interface (Administrator Panel), integrate Sitebuilder with other third-party control panels or applications.

Access to Sitebuilder API is provided through the set of XML Web services. You can easily use Sitebuilder API from various operating systems or platforms by using HTTP and XML. Available SOAP toolkits let you use Java, .NET, PHP or virtually any other programming languages or development environments.

API versions

Sitebuilder 4.1 for Windows implements several versions of public Sitebuilder API. They are API v3.2 and API v3.2.1 (the legacy APIs available in Sitebuilder 3.2.x for Windows), API v4.0 (Single Sign-On (SSO) support, account profile management, simplified site publishing settings management, updated license management) and API v4.1 (new SSO version support, the plan management enhancements and so on).
Sitebuilder 4.1 for Linux/Unix implements only API v3.2, API v4.0 and API v4.1

Also there are differences between Windows and Linux/Unix implementations of Sitebuilder API in some platform specific areas: SOAP fault details, the site publishing settings etc. The developers should pay attention to these differences, when creating the applications interacting through API with Sitebuilders on both platforms.

Backward compatibility

Sitebuilder provides a high degree of support for backward compatibility. The applications created using Sitebuilder API v3.2.x will run on Sitebuilder 4.x (on same platform). However, some changes in the behavior of these applications may be observed. For example, Sitebuilder 4.x doesn't support the publish scenario "Known FTP host" anymore. The functionality of the older versions of the Sitebuilder API depends on this feature are emulating by "behind the scenes" creation of the required host objects. As a result, the value of the site publishing settings may not meet the expectations of the applications based on the Sitebuilder 3.2.x


API versionReference manualBase location of the web services end points
Sitebuilder for WindowsSitebuilder for Linux/Unix
3.2Sitebuilder API v3.2 Reference /ServiceFacade/Version_3_2//ServiceFacade/
3.2.1Sitebuilder API v3.2.1 Reference /ServiceFacade/3.2.1/not supported
4.0Sitebuilder API v4.0 Reference /ServiceFacade/4.0//ServiceFacade/4.0/
4.1Sitebuilder API v4.1 Reference /ServiceFacade/4.1//ServiceFacade/4.1/