Release Notes for Parallels Presence Builder 11.5 for Parallels Automation


  1. Introduction
  2. What's New
    1. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.13
    2. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.12
    3. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.11
    4. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.10
    5. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.9
    6. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.8
    7. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.7
    8. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.6
    9. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.4
    10. Parallels Presence Builder 11.1.1
    11. Parallels Presence Builder 11.1.0
  3. Software Requirements and Prerequisites
  4. Notes on Installation
  5. Notes on Upgrade
  6. Known Problems and Limitations
  7. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Parallels Presence Builder for Parallels Automation is a software suite for hosting providers, which is intended to operate under Parallels Automation (Parallels Operations Automation). Presence Builder for Parallels Automation is integrated with POA using two APS packages:

2. What's New


[+] new feature

[*] functionality improved

[-] bug resolved

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.13

  1. [+]  Now users can suggest new features or enhancements in the editor. The link to an online form is accessible from the editor > Help > Suggest a feature.

  2. [*]  Now users can switch off automatic mobile optimizations for websites (in Settings tab > Advanced).

  3. [-]  When users opened for editing Text & Images modules, pictures located in the modules were incorrectly arranged on the screen. (PPB-4108)

  4. [-]  Date format was shown incorrectly for British locale. (PPB-3999)

  5. [-]  Contact form placed on sites with IDN domains did not work in Internet Explorer. (PPB-3828)

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.12

  1. [+]  Presence Builder now fully supports Internet Explorer 11.

  2. [*]  Website layout on mobile site versions was improved. Now site menu is shown after clicking an icon.

  3. [-]  When users added hyperlinks containing a question mark, Presence Builder added unnecessary characters to such links.

  4. [-]  In some cases, users of mobile devices could not switch between a mobile and a regular site version.

  5. [-]  In some cases, comments left by users in a blog were duplicated in different posts.

  6. [-]  Flash files uploaded via Text and Video module could not be played in Internet Explorer 10 and earlier.

  7. [-]  The Search module showed an incorrect hint if Presence Builder's interface was shown in a language other than English.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.11

  1. [-]  The Search module was redesigned to address the issue with the deprecated Google API.

  2. [-]  To resolve issues in the Text & Images module and to better support Internet Explorer 11, the TinyMCE component was upgraded to version 3.5.10.

  3. [-]  Users of mobile devices could experience issues with viewing the contents of Online Store modules on published websites.

  4. [-]  Images uploaded to the Image Slider module were shown in the wrong order.

  5. [-]  The layout of a webpage could be disrupted if the Text & Images module contained lengthy text.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.10

  1. [+]  The "Return to Control Panel" link can now be adjusted by means of the API.

  2. [*]  The stability of Presence Builder upgrade process was improved.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.9

  1. [*]  Website visitors can now switch between viewing a mobile site version and a full site.

  2. [*]  Security improvements.

  3. [-]  The Russian version of the Clothes Shop website topic contained incorrect text.

  4. [-]  When website visitors viewed a full site version on mobile devices, they saw a mobile version of Image Gallery.

  5. [-]  On mobile devices, website menu items were shown without background filling.

  6. [-]  When website visitors viewed a full site version on mobile devices, the site could switch back to a mobile version.

  7. [-]  The Presence Builder editor in Brazilian Portuguese contained an incorrect button label.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.8

  1. [-]  There were a number of localization issues with the French and German versions of predefined website topics.

  2. [-]  In some cases, the design of published websites differed from what users saw in the Presence Builder editor.

  3. [-]  No vertical scrollbar was shown when users opened published sites in the Opera browser.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.7

  1. [*]  The Presence Builder editor now opens in the same language as the one selected in PA Control Panel.

  2. [-]  Google maps were not shown on published websites.

  3. [-]  The Design tab of the editor did not open if the user's city name contained the "é" symbol.

  4. [-]  If providers customized the URL to the Getting Started video by editing Presence Builder's configuration file, users could no longer embed videos by using the Embedded Video module.

  5. [-]  Links to website pages could lead to nonexistent pages on the published site.

  6. [-]  The backing up and restoration of websites did not work properly if websites contained an Image Slider module.

  7. [-]  Users saw an empty screen instead of Dashboard.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.6

  1. [-]  On published websites, drop-down menus in the site navigation appeared behind the Image Slider module. For this reason, users were unable to access some of the menu items.

  2. [-]  On published websites with blogs, the links "Read the rest of the entry" were not shown. For this reason, it was not easy for users to access the full text of blog posts.

  3. [-]  Users were unable to insert images and videos by using the option Edit HTML source in the Text & Images module.

  4. [-]  If providers switched off the Getting Started video by editing Presence Builder's configuration file, users could no longer embed videos by using the Embedded Video module.

  5. [-]  The editor incorrectly aligned logo on published websites.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.4

  1. [+] Background images. The editor now provides a selection of 75 background patterns and textures for use on sites.

  2. [+] Descriptions for images. Users can add descriptions for images that they upload through the Text & Images module. Descriptions can be shown over or under images, and they will serve as alternative text (alt text).

  3. [+] Links to e-mail. Users can insert links to e-mail addresses through the Text & Images module's toolbar.

  4. [+] Reordering images in galleries. Users can change the order of images in image galleries by dragging them.

  5. [+] Map module in website topics. The Map module was inserted into all website topics where it is appropriate. Now map is prefilled with the information specified on the topic selection screen.

  6. [+] Cookie notice. Site owners located in the European Union can show a notice about the use of non-essential cookies on their sites to comply with the EU legislation.

  7. [+] Support button. Providers can add the Support button to the editor's toolbar > Help menu to enable customers to submit technical support requests from the editor.

  8. [+] Removal of sites from hosting accounts upon clicking the Remove Site button. Providers can configure the editor to remove published sites from hosting accounts when their owners click the Remove Site button in the editor.

  9. [*]  Now it is possible to modify existing localization and add custom locales without changes being lost during upgrade.

  10. [*]  The Give Feedback button in the editor's toolbar > Help menu directed users to the Parallels forum. This button is now hidden; however, providers can set up their own links for sending feedback.

  11. [*]  Websites are optimized for display on mobile devices.

  12. [*]  By default, Dashboard is not shown to site owners after login.

  13. [*]  Users are offered a larger selection of diverse design templates in Design tab & Templates.

  14. [*]  Website description and meta keywords in Settings tab > Basic now act like templates for all new and existing site pages. Users can change the description and keywords for specific pages, but when they erase them, the default values will be restored.

  15. [*]  The banner selection dialog was redesigned. Now it shows more thumbnails per page and thumbnails are larger.

  16. [*]  The background selection dialog in Design tab > Colors was redesigned. Now it shows larger thumbnails with gradient fill examples, and provides access to a selection of background patterns and textures.

  17. [*]  Users can customize the colors of drop-down menu items in the site navigation blocks.

  18. [-]  Users of Internet Explorer 8 were unable to type text in Contact Form modules.

  19. [-]  After users reduced the site width, the logo image, site title, and description disappeared from the banner.

  20. [-]  Users were unable to see the Commenting module on pages containing an apostrophe in the title.

  21. [-]  The order of images in Image Galleries was randomly changed after image descriptions were edited.

  22. [-]  When users logged in to the editor, they encountered an error and were unable to perform any operations in the editor. The following error message was recorded in the sitebuilder.log file: "PHP Notice : Trying to get property of non-object".

  23. [-]  In rare cases, providers could encounter issues with upgrading the Presence Builder application from version 10.3.0.

  24. [-]  Manual changes to Presence Builder’s file config.php resulted in WPB provisioning failures.

  25. [-]  Users were unable to publish websites and encountered a message about an internal server error. This could happen because of corrupted publication_list.xml files.

  26. [-]  Published websites were not removed from hosting accounts after users clicked the Remove Site button in the editor. Now, providers can choose whether the button should remove sites from hosting accounts.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.1.1

  1. [-]  Websites could be generated with inappropriate banner images.

  2. [-]  Users of Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 could not properly insert a site slogan, logo, or site name in the banner area.

  3. [-]  The Change Image button in Design > Colors was partially displayed.

  4. [-]  The OK button was not visible in the Text and Images module when the module was placed in the right sidebar.

  5. [-]  When a right-to-left language was used, borders around modules overlapped the sidebar on the right, thereby making the navigation links in the sidebar unavailable.

  6. [-]  In all locales except for En-US and En-GB, wrong content was shown in the Jewelry Store site topic.

  7. [-]  Parallels Presence Builder provisioning failed if gzip compression mode was switched on in php.ini.

  8. [-]  Some users working with the editor via HTTPS did not receive messages about successful site publishing.

  9. [-]  On clicking the Edit in Presence Builder link, users received a security warning.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.1.0

  1. [+] Migration from SiteBuilder 4.5.9 for Linux. Providers can use a migration tool for migrating sites from SiteBuilder 4.5.9 for Linux installations to Parallels Presence Builder 11.1. Learn more.

  2. [+] Custom banner images. Providers can extend the editor's library of banner images for websites. Learn more.

  3. [+] Switching off editor's modules. Providers can make certain modules of the editor unavailable to their customers. Learn more.

  4. [+] Design templates. Users can change the design of their sites with one mouse click, choosing from more than a dozen design templates. There are design templates generated automatically by Presence Builder and templates manually created by graphic designers. Learn more.

  5. [+] Custom design templates. Providers can extend the list of design templates by creating their own designs in Presence Builder, exporting them as a file and adding them to the list of special designs available on the server. Learn more.

  6. [+]  Internet Explorer 10 is now supported.

  7. [+] The Image Slider module. The Image Slider module displays a slide show with multiple images, using different transition effects. It is possible to add descriptions to images and link images to specific pages of a website. Learn more.

  8. [+] The Map Module. The Map module, based on Google Maps, enables users to easily add maps with their locations. Learn more.

  9. [+] Flash files support. Users can upload Flash files in the SWF format in the Text & Images module, Logo, and Banner.

  10. [+] Changeable background width. Users can make backgrounds of page areas elastic, leaving content width the same. This allows design studios and users to create diverse and unusual designs.

  11. [+]  Site owners can use many fonts from the Google Web Fonts library. These additional fonts are now selectable in the Text & Images modules.

  12. [*]  Area highlighting and module borders. PPB now highlights all areas where modules can be inserted, and indicates which areas are site-wide, and which are page-specific. Modules now have much more visible borders to make it easier for users to work with them.

  13. [*]  Now Image Gallery can be aligned to the left, right, or center. Image borders were removed to improve the visual experience of image galleries for different website designs.

  14. [*]  The usability of the editor's user interface for managing website backgrounds was improved.

  15. [*]  The Contact Form module now uses the protection from automated spam postings based on reCAPTCHA, which is one of the best CAPTCHA systems on the market. Site owners can switch it on and off in the module settings.

  16. [*]  Site owners can resize a site logo right in the editor.

  17. [*]  The editor displays a different "installed" icon for modules that were already added to a website and cannot be added anymore (one-per-website modules).

  18. [*]  It is now possible to resize uploaded images without keeping their original aspect ratio.

  19. [*]  A new library of PHP scripts was implemented to facilitate operations on the editor's resources via the API.

  20. [*]  Large websites are now published to hosting accounts faster.

  21. [*]  Websites are now published in the HTML 5 standard.

  22. [-]  Site content import from SiteBuilder 4.5 stalled for an indefinite period.

  23. [-]  Images could not be uploaded to Image Gallery because of a JS error.

  24. [-]  Users of Internet Explorer 9 could not see more than 10 blog posts.

  25. [-]  The favicon could not be seen in the search results shown by Yandex.

  26. [-]  An error occurred when users added more than 300 pages in the editor.

  27. [-]  The user documentation did not provide instructions on how to customize the Give Feedback link in the editor.

  28. [-]  The product APS packages could not be installed on the same domain. Now instructions explain that it is not possible to do so.

  29. [-]  Sites could not be published to some IDN domains under POA.

  30. [-]  APS applications referred to a wrong URL of the Presence Builder product site.

  31. [-]  The height of banner images could not be set to 50 pixels or less. Now an information message explains the minimal acceptable size.

  32. [-]  The Commenting module did not accept shortnames.

  33. [-]  Removal of user accounts in Disqus disrupted the operation of editor's Dashboard and site publishing.

  34. [-]  In the Text & Images module, numbering of list items in numbered lists restarted from the ninth item.

  35. [-]  Users could not import sites from SiteBuilder 4.5 if incorrect links were present in the «downloadable content» module.

  36. [-]  Processor load was increased during extension of site columns.

  37. [-]  Sites could not be published because of disappeared blogs.

  38. [-]  Users of Internet Explorer 8 could not open image galleries.

  39. [-]  Under Internet Explorer 8, hyperlinks did not work on sites with gradient backgrounds.

  40. [-]  It was not possible to change horizontal margins on the Design tab.

  41. [-]  The Search module did not show on websites made in French.

  42. [-]  Errors on the server side were not processed correctly by the Contact Form module.

  43. [-]  The German translation of the text used in Contact Form was corrected.

  44. [-]  Publishing of websites failed when Presence Builder tried to remove non-empty directories by means of FTP.

  45. [-]  CAPTCHA was not working properly in Contact Form.

  46. [-]  Sites were generated in Presence Builder with an incorrect layout.

  47. [-]  Users encountered an error on attempting to open the WPB application on Facebook.

  48. [-]  Users could disrupt the operation of Presence Builder by installing PHP on the server where Presence Builder was installed.

  49. [-]  In some cases, websites could not be opened and users encountered the following error: "Unexpected server behavior". This could happen due to an internal error.

To learn about the changes introduced in the previous version 11.0, refer to Release Notes at

3. Software Requirements and Prerequisites

System Requirements for the Main Package

Parallels Operations Automation 5.4.14 or later or 5.5.1 or later with APS and Linux Shared Hosting modules.

POA versions earlier than 5.4.14 are not supported.
POA version 5.5.0 is not supported.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5 for Parallels Automation system requirements:

You can install Parallels Presence Builder 11.5 for Parallels Automation on any Linux Shared Hosting server (Legacy Apache Web Server, Web Server NG or Web Cluster NG).

Important: You must add EPEL repository and install the sw-engine package on the node where the main package will be installed. To learn how to do it, refer to the Parallels Automation for Web Presence Integration Guide located at

Note: If you are using a firewall, configure it to allow connections to Parallels licensing servers on port 5224 from the web servers that will host Presence Builder. This is required to enable automatic update of the Presence Builder license.

System Requirements for the Presence Builder Connector Package

The Presence Builder connector package is intended for installation on the servers where customers' websites will be published. These servers can be running Linux or Windows with IIS 7.5.

Make sure that POA websites can be resolved from the Shared Hosting Web Server nodes where Presence Builder will be installed and where customers' sites will be published.

For more information about the prerequisites, refer to the KB article at

Supported Web Browsers

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5 for Parallels Automation supports the following browsers:

4. Notes on Installation

For information and instructions on how to obtain and install Parallels Presence Builder 11.5 for Parallels Automation, please refer to the Parallels Automation for Web Presence Integration Guide located at

An important prerequisite to installing the main package:
You must add an EPEL repository and install the sw-engine package on the server:

  1. Connect via SSH to the node.

  2. Create a new .repo file in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory.

  3. Add a repo URL to that .repo file taken from this list - (if you are using CentOS x64 on the node). Otherwise, you should select a repository suitable for your architecture from the list here:

  4. Use the yum repolist command to make sure that the repository you have added is available in the system.

  5. Install the sw-engine package following the instructions in the Parallels Automation for Web Presence Integration Guide at, section Installing a Package on the Host (on page 23).

5. Notes on Upgrade

For information and instructions on how to upgrade Parallels Presence Builder to version 11.5, please refer to the knowledge base article at

Note that during an upgrade to version 11.5, the administrator's password for access to Presence Builder API is changed to the password shown in PA Hosting Control Panel > Applications tab > Parallels Automation for Web Presence > Settings tab.

6. Known Problems and Limitations

7. Contact Information

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