Release Notes for Parallels Plesk Automation 11.1

What`s New History of Changes F.A.Q.


  1. Introduction
  2. What's New
  3. Platform Requirements
  4. Supplied Third-Party Components
  5. Supported Third-Party Components
  6. Release Limitations
  7. Migration Tools Limitations
  8. Known Issues
  9. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Parallels Plesk Automation (hereafter referred to as PPA) is the first release of the product implementing Plesk Panel shared hosting functionality in a multi-server environment. The services provided in the release are web, mail and DNS hosting. Web hosting is implemented on Linux (Apache) and Windows (IIS) platforms. The entire system is installed on the Management Node, while additional nodes with web and mail servers carry only small agents for remote configuration.

The system features separate Administration, Hosting and optional Billing panels. The basic PPA license is free of charge. The Billing Panel and Presence Builder are additional paid features on top of the default PPA license. The management node, web and mail nodes should be licensed with standard Plesk Dedicated Unlimited Domains license keys.

2. What's New


[+] new feature

[-] bug resolved

[*] bug resolved and functionality improved

  1. [+] Migration from H-Sphere. New tools were added to migrate Unix hosting subscriptions from H-Sphere to PPA.

  2. [+] Support for new operating systems for deployment of service nodes. CentOS 6.4 and RedHat 6.4 operating systems are now supported.

  3. [+]  Changes in a list of operating systems suitable for deployment of management nodes. Operating systems with 32-bit architecture are no longer supported for deployment of management nodes.

  4. [+]  Localization of e-mail notices. E-mail notices sent on various system events can now be localized in several languages.

  5. [+]  Running PPA behind NAT. Administrators can configure PPA to run behind a router with NAT.

  6. [+]  Notifications for customers and resellers. Administrators can set up custom e-mail notifications about PPA events for customers and resellers.

  7. [+]  Troubleshooting improvements. Administrators can use the services_on_node tool to check whether service nodes run all the required services and whether all the required TCP ports are open on the nodes.

  8. [+]  Webmail server nodes. Webmail server nodes are now supported. By default, webmail services are provided by the management node. To reduce the load on the management node, administrators can add a webmail server node to the system.

  9. [+]  Support for external mail servers. Administrators can add any external mail server to the PPA infrastructure. This may be useful, for example, when you need to use an MTA which is not supported by PPA's standard mail node roles. The connection with such servers is performed by means of special APS apps, so-called connectors. Such a connector should be developed and registered in PPA before adding an external mail server node.

  10. [+]  Login page branding. Administrators and resellers can adjust the appearance of the login page.

  11. [+]  Easy changing of the management node's IP address. Administrators can seamlessly move the management node to another IP address using the /usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_ipaddress utility.

  12. [+]  Support for SNI on branding subscriptions. Administrators and resellers can use unique SSL certificates for brands on shared IP addresses.

  13. [+]  Forced retrieval of PPA license keys. Administrators can update the information about their PPA license keys at any time in License & Security > License Manager.

  14. [+]  Moving of services between Apache and MySQL service nodes. Administrators can move services and subscriptions between service nodes running Apache, MySQL, or a combination of both. This can be useful when a service node needs to be stopped for maintenance or hardware upgrade, or is overloaded with an excessive number of served subscriptions. It is possible to move the services and subscriptions according to the following scheme: from an Apache node to an Apache node; from a MySQL node to a MySQL node; from an Apache + MySQL node to an Apache + MySQL node; from an Apache + MySQL node to a node running Apache + a node running MySQL; from an Apache node and a MySQL node to a single node running Apache + MySQL.

  15. [+]  DNS template management. Administrators can customize the structure of the DNS template.

  16. [+]  Spam filter settings management. Administrators can manage the settings of SpamAssassin spam filter.

  17. [+]  Application settings management. Administrators can manage the global settings of APS applications.

  18. [+]  New service node roles are supported. The following combined types of service node roles are now supported: Apache web server + Postfix mail server + MySQL database server; Apache web server + Postfix mail server + MySQL database server + PostgreSQL database server; IIS web server + MS SQL Server 2008 database Server.

  19. [+]  SmarterMail support. SmarterMail-based service nodes are now supported. Before adding a service node, administrators must manually install and configure the SmarterMail software. See the list of limitations.

  20. [+]  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 support. Service nodes running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 are now supported. See the list of limitations.

  21. [+]  Diagnostic tool. A special diagnostic tool was created to aid administrators in troubleshooting issues with connecting service nodes to the management node. The tool can be installed as an additional package by issuing the command install-additional-tools in the console. The tool can be executed by issuing the following command: /usr/local/ppa/bin/checkServiceNode --ip <IP address>.

  22. [+]  Backup / Restoration functionality. PPA now supports new service node role - Backup server. After adding such a node to PPA, it becomes a centralized storage for all customers' backups in the system. Customers are able to back up and restore an entire subscription or only account or website data.

  23. [+]  Staff member accounts for administrators. Administrators can create staff member accounts - accounts with limited administrative permissions. Owners of such accounts can help administrators with certain tasks allowed by their permissions.

  24. [+]  Adding new language packs. Administrators can add support of new languages to PPA by uploading new language packs.

  25. [*]  Before migrating to Windows-based PPA service nodes, users had to manually install rsync on the destination servers. Now it is installed automatically.

  26. [*]  Now changes in service plans can be synchronized with subscriptions that use them.

  27. [*]  Now providers can change service plans for existing subscriptions.

  28. [*]  A great number of issues reported by customers were resolved.

  29. [*]  The permission to manage DNS settings in subscription is now available in service templates.

  30. [*]  The functionality of the check_service_node utility was extended and its stability was improved.

  31. [*]  PPA documentation was updated. Now it explains how to configure mail submission, hard disk quota, and includes other changes.

  32. [*]  The speed of migrating auxiliary users was improved.

  33. [*]  Providers can now specify the location for placing temporary files for migration.

  34. [*]  Option names in the WHMCS module were improved.

  35. [*]  The performance of the migration tool was improved.

  36. [*]  PHP 5.4 is now automatically installed on Windows-based service nodes.

  37. [*]  Automatic updating of license keys was improved.

  38. [*]  Now administrators can limit the number of subdomains on subscriptions.

  39. [*]  Administrators can now connect service nodes with CentOS 6.x or RedHat Linux 6.x without needing to preliminarily configure YUM on them.

  40. [*]  The migration process was improved: now it is faster and it takes less disk space.

  41. [*]  When tasks, such as creating user accounts, may take much time to complete, administrators are now informed about it and are advised to check with Task Manager.

  42. [*]  Administrators can now remove additional license keys through License Manager.

  43. [*]  Administrators can specify the webmail software for their customers in service template settings.

  44. [*]  Administrators can set the desired interface language when installing PPA using the -set-default-lang option of the PPA installer.

  45. [*]  Administrators can set the restart interval of the DNS service using the /usr/local/ppa/bin/dns_restart_interval utility.

  46. [*]  Administrators can use the /usr/local/ppa/bin/ utility to automatically set the optimal system settings depending on the number of accounts in the system.

  47. [*]  Administrators can use the ppa_update utility available at update PPA to the latest available version.

  48. [*]  The PPA moving tools (tools that perform switching to PPA from other hosting panels) now support authentication using SSH keys.

  49. [*]  The resulting output of the PPA moving tools is more informative now.

  50. [*]  The performance of the backup and restoration tools was improved.

  51. [-]  The main license key for PPA could not be updated if there were service nodes without assigned license keys.

  52. [-]  When a user changed the settings or credentials of an auxiliary user account in Hosting Panel, the settings of another unrelated user account could be changed as well.

  53. [-]  Several issues related to the operation of Apache web server were resolved.

  54. [-]  Setting of mail quotas in service templates did not work properly for mailboxes served by SmarterMail.

  55. [-]  Changing of the IP address of the management node could fail with a MySQL error.

  56. [-]  After changing mailbox quota for a domain, mail service on that domain became unavailable.

  57. [-]  Fax number was a mandatory parameter in the license registration form.

  58. [-]  Users could create a branded subscription using the same domain name as the server's host name.

  59. [-]  PPA failed to provision subscriptions if several service nodes used the same IP pool. The following error occurred: "SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '2a00:de40:1:622::11' for key 2".

  60. [-]  Dedicated IIS application pool settings defined in service templates were not propagated to the subscriptions based on those templates.

  61. [-]  Migration failed if PPA hosted at least one IDN domain whose name contained both upper and lower case national characters, and which had a subdomain.

  62. [-]  File access permissions for all domain web content files were set incorrectly during migration from Plesk for Windows. This happened if there were national alphabet characters in some file name.

  63. [-]  Migration of MySQL databases from Windows servers failed.

  64. [-]  Users who migrated to PPA by means of the ppa-transfer utility were unable to run the "set-low-dns-timings" command.

  65. [-]  During migration from Plesk to PPA, mail account settings were not restored for accounts that had large mailbox sizes.

  66. [-]  APS mail packages are now upgraded without errors.

  67. [-]  On subscriptions with mail services provided by SmarterMail, users encountered an error on attempting to switch off mailboxes with mail forwarding.

  68. [-]  After deleting an MS SQL service node, it remained in the list of database servers in Panel.

  69. [-]  Users could create wildcard PTR resource records, which made the DNS server unable to start.

  70. [-]  Statistics calculation failed if administrator's name contained non-Latin alphabet characters.

  71. [-]  On subscriptions with mail service provided by SmarterMail, users could not create an additional domain if the main domain of a subscription had a domain alias with switched on mail service.

  72. [-]  Users could see a nonworking link to MS SQL Server Webadmin in the Hosting Panel. Now links to Webadmin are no longer shown.

  73. [-]  Domains created directly in SmarterMail were deleted when subscriptions with the same domain names were created in PPA.

  74. [-]  After removal of service nodes, users could encounter the following error in the Hosting Panel: "Unable to find service node for IP address with id=<id>".

  75. [-]  On deleting an auto-reply with empty "forward to" setting, an error message similar to the following was recorded in the log file panel.log: "Exception: Error: Unable to receive setting 'forward_to': there is no such setting specified in ENV".

  76. [-]  Users were unable to complete the installation of updates if they had previously interrupted the installation process.

  77. [-]  After installation of update 10, MS SQL Server databases were no longer manageable on subscriptions if a SmarterMail node was the first Windows-based node registered in PPA.

  78. [-]  Providers were unable to remove expired license keys from PPA.

  79. [-]  Assimilation of servers running Plesk for Windows failed because of stalled tasks named similarly to the following: "Install additional packages on node <node> according to role PPA_IIS".

  80. [-]  Providers could not set up a pool of shared IP addresses if the first two octets of IP addresses in the pool differed from the first two octets in the management node's IP address.

  81. [-]  Providers were unable to set up Apache service nodes on CentOS 5.9 with the latest updates because of unresolved package dependencies.

  82. [-]  License keys for service nodes with SmarterMail could not be updated.

  83. [-]  Cron sent notifications about errors related to web statistics.

  84. [-]  Disk space and traffic usage statistics were not collected properly after addition of a service node with SmarterMail.

  85. [-]  On PPA installations integrated with PBAS, subscription provisioning failed if the required locale was not supported by PPA.

  86. [-]  License keys were not updated and statistics were not recalculated if the "Run daily maintenance script" task was canceled in Task Manager.

  87. [-]  Resource usage reporting stopped working after the allowed number of databases was exceeded on a subscription.

  88. [-]  In the Brazilian Portuguese locale, question marks were displayed instead of diacritic symbols.

  89. [-]  After migration from Plesk, APS applications that are not in the Application Catalog were no longer manageable through Panel.

  90. [-]  The migration tool failed to output a migration report if it contained en error message with national symbols.

  91. [-]  After setting up DNS forwarding for domains migrated from Plesk, they became irresolvable.

  92. [-]  During migration from Plesk, domains on dedicated IP addresses could not be migrated.

  93. [-]  Migration of subscriptions with wildcard subdomains from Plesk to PPA rendered the DNS service inoperable.

  94. [-]  Addition of a service node could fail at the step of installing additional packages. Restarting the task or attempting to remove the incompletely added node and then add it again resulted in an error.

  95. [-]  When Expand's Centralized DNS service acted as a slave DNS server for Plesk sites, after migration from Expand and configuration of DNS forwarding, websites still opened from the source server.

  96. [-]  After renaming the main domain of a subscription, all sites under the subscription received an insecure PHP configuration.

  97. [-]  Providers who connected remote FTP repositories for storing backups encountered slow performance of operations on backup files.

  98. [-]  Opening a list of service nodes in Administration Panel could take too long.

  99. [-]  Customers could not use auto-reply messages that contained more than 256 characters. Empty auto-reply messages were sent instead.

  100. [-]  After changing a subscription's service plan and then changing mail service settings under that subscription, users received an unintelligible error message.

  101. [-]  Customers could create wildcard PTR records in DNS, which made the DNS server unable to start.

  102. [-]  If the provider's branding was set up, users were unable to use the icon linking to file management operations in the list of domains (Control Panel > Websites & Domains tab).

  103. [-]  Users could not send e-mail through any mail client programs except for webmail, if the mail service for their subscriptions was provided by the Postfix mail server running on a separate node.

  104. [-]  Providers were unable to upgrade the webmail software on service nodes running CentOS 6 and RedHat 6.

  105. [-]  Users were unable to create mail accounts without mailboxes if their subscriptions were served by the SmarterMail service.

  106. [-]  Customers could make DNS server running on CentOS 6 inoperable by creating NS records without corresponding A records.

  107. [-]  PPA failed to remove a subscription if the corresponding service node was unavailable or switched off at that time, and there was no way to retry removal later. The corresponding task was listed as Failed in Task Manager. Now it is possible to restart failed removal tasks in Task Manager.

  108. [-]  If customers added resource records to DNS zones and some of the records were invalid, then both valid and invalid records were discarded. Now invalid records are ignored and valid records are applied.

  109. [-]  Providers were unable to add service nodes running RHEL 5.8 x64 and RHEL 5.9 x64.

  110. [-]  Creation of subscriptions could fail if there were several Apache service nodes and at least one of them was down.

  111. [-]  After migration, webmail would no longer work if a domain had custom CNAME webmail.<domain name> DNS record pointing to <domain name>.

  112. [-]  The set-low-dns-timings command execution could fail on a source server that hosted a great number of websites. For this reason, after migration of websites, it took significant time for new DNS settings to propagate.

  113. [-]  After migration from Expand, users who had access to control panel for changing their e-mail settings in Expand's Centralized Mail, will no longer have such access in PPA.

  114. [-]  Migration of mail accounts from Expand failed because of conflicts between mail accounts from Plesk and Expand's Centralized Mail.

  115. [-]  Administrators could not register Windows-based service nodes if the administrator's password contained the ^ symbol.

  116. [-] Customers subscribed to service plans without shell access could switch on shell access for their accounts in Panel.

  117. [-] After migration from Plesk 10.4 or later, subdomains could not be resolved in the DNS.

  118. [-] When two user accounts with coinciding system user names were migrated from Plesk to PPA, the migration tool renamed one of them to avoid conflicts. After migration, the website owner whose system user account was renamed could no longer edit the files of their site.

  119. [-] Auxiliary users were migrated without mail accounts if, during migration, the corresponding subscription was not yet provisioned in PPA.

  120. [-] Failed removal of a provider's branding subscription resulted in the inability to create a new branding subscription.

  121. [-] Mail services were not properly switched off for providers' branding subscriptions. This caused issues with deleting the subscriptions.

  122. [-] Subscriptions that included mail services were not properly removed from PPA.

  123. [-] PPA removed the main license key when a license key for a service node was terminated by the Parallels licensing system.

  124. [-]  Administrators failed to add service nodes because PPA incorrectly selected an IP address for communications between the management node and service nodes.

  125. [-]  Administrators failed to back up customer accounts that had Windows-based hosting subscriptions.

  126. [-]  The ppa_mssql package was installed successfully, but the database server was not available for use.

  127. [-]  Administrators failed to correctly transfer subscriptions with web forwarding configurations from Plesk for Windows. They encountered the following errors in the console: "Error: Failed to work around IIS dedicated application pools problem. Exception: ('Failed to %s IIS dedicated application pool, see debug log for more details', 'enable')"

  128. [-] Administrators could not transfer customer accounts from Plesk to PPA if the accounts were associated with a single e-mail address. The following error message was shown in the console: " There are a number of accounts that are associated with the same e-mail. Change e-mails for the conflicting accounts."

  129. [-] Administrators failed to move subscription between nodes in case the subscription's domain had the standard forwarding type. PPA raised an error like "Exception message: Command /usr/local/psa/bin/sw-engine-pleskrun with arguments ...".

  130. [-] When transferring a domain alias with the switched off mail service to PPA, the PPA moving tools erroneously registered the alias on the SmarterMail service node.

  131. [-] The PPA moving tools added the content of the default site template to all transferred subdomains. Thus, after the transfer, subdomain's root directory contained not only its source content but the content of the PPA site template as well. This happened only when perfroming the transfer from Expand based on Plesk 8.

  132. [-] The PPA moving tools failed to transfer subscriptions that belonged to resellers' customers.

  133. [-] In some cases, the www DNS records were not transferred to PPA from source Plesk Panel servers.

  134. [-] The ppa-transfer tool failed to transfer subscriptions to PPA in case they were associated with the same system user. The tool raised an error like " [ERROR] |copy-content| Failed to perform an action on subscription...".

  135. [-] The PPA moving tools failed to transfer domains to PPA in case that domains had IPv6 addresses only.

  136. [-]  Administrators failed to properly complete the installation of PPA on CentOS 5.8. On attempting to log in to PPA through a web browser, they encountered the “500 Internal Server Error”.

  137. [-]  Administrators sometimes failed to connect a service node if (1) they selected two different IP addresses in the node connection settings: one as the backnet IP address (used for communications between service nodes and the management node) and another as the IP address for hosting; and (2) if both IP addresses were from the same subnet range. They encountered the following error in Task Manager: "Can not configure agent on host 'IP address', reason: 'Stopping pleskd: [ OK ]"

  138. [-]  Administrators could not create branded subscriptions on dedicated IP addresses. The subscriptions were always created on shared IP addresses.

  139. [-]  Administrators could make management nodes inoperable after installing the Apache services. For this reason, PPA no longer allows installing Apache, Postfix and MySQL on management nodes.

  140. [-]  Auto-reply messages could not be shown by mail clients due to incorrectly specified MIME type.

  141. [-]  Users were unable to host different web content on domains and subdomains that were hosted on the same dedicated IP address.

  142. [-]  Users could not calculate the size of a directory in Content Manager. They encountered the following error: "Unable to get size for . System error 13: Permission denied."

  143. [-]  AWStats did not calculate website visits statistics properly.

  144. [-]  Administrators failed to create subscriptions with mail services if the mail service was provided by Postfix installed on the management node. They encountered the following error: "Unable to receive setting 'plesk_mail_service_node_key'."

  145. [-]  License key expiration warnings shown in the Hosting Panel led to a wrong page.

  146. [-]  Administrators failed to migrate hosting subscriptions from Plesk for Linux to PPA if at least one SmarterMail service node was connected to PPA.

  147. [-]  During migration from Plesk 11.x, the passwords of resellers and customers for access to the Hosting Panel were reset.

  148. [-]  Users were unable to switch off mail services for their subscriptions if the services were provided by SmarterMail. The Hosting Panel raised the following error: "Unable to load object of type DSMail with id=127: Mail_Facade->turnOffDomain() failed: Turning domain off is not supported."

  149. [-]  Administrators failed to create subscriptions with Apache and MySQL hosting on a dedicated IP address. They encountered the following error: Error: Database server mysql <assigned dedicated IP>:3306 does not exist.

  150. [-]  The handling of custom ftp.. and www. DNS records was improved.

  151. [-]  Migration from Plesk for Linux to PPA could stall due to an internal error.

  152. [-]  After migration from Plesk 8 for Linux, applications installed on websites no longer worked because their databases were not migrated.

  153. [-] If CBM was switched on, and a new auxiliary user account with the Accountant role was partially created in the Hosting Panel (the task failed in the process), then after removing that account from the Administration Panel, users will not be able to create an account with the same username again.

  154. [-]  During migration from Plesk for Linux 8.6, domains for which hosting was not configured and the Tomcat service was switched off could not be migrated.

  155. [-]  MySQL service nodes could not be added if “sa” was used as the database administrator’s username.

  156. [-]  Administrators could not migrate domain administrator accounts from Plesk 8.6 if the account information contained non-Latin characters.

  157. [-]  Administrators could not remove customer accounts. The following error occurred: "Internal error: HTTP request to SSO server failed". This issue was resolved.

  158. [-]  PPA could not automatically upgrade license keys for Plesk for Windows. This issue was resolved.

  159. [-]  Auto-reply messages could not be shown by mail clients due to incorrectly specified MIME type. This issue was resolved.

  160. [-]  Corrupted firewall rules prevented administrators from attaching service nodes to the management node. This issue was resolved.

  161. [-]  PPA did not properly terminate user sessions after users logged out of Panel.

  162. [-]  On attempting to connect SmarterMail nodes, administrators encountered the following error: "Unknown hosting object type: 'subscription_apsmail':". This issue was resolved.

  163. [-]  Statistics collection scripts could not properly determine the usage of mailboxes on SmarterMail nodes. This issue was resolved.

  164. [-]  Administrators could not allocate dedicated IP addresses for web hosting inside Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. This issue was resolved.

  165. [-]  A daily maintenance task was started twice a day. This issue was resolved.

  166. [-]  Apache could not pick up custom configurations from the vhost.conf files. This issue was resolved.

  167. [-]  During migration, domain administrators' usernames were changed. For example, if a username before migration was domain_name, after migration it could be transformed to admin@domain_name.

  168. [-]  The migration tool was unable to connect to Windows-based shares, although administrators could manually connect to those shares from the PPA management nodes.

  169. [-]  The rotation of log files did not work properly for Apache-based hosting subscriptions. This issue was resolved.

  170. [-]  Administrators could not create subscriptions with Cyrillic domain names. The following error occurred: "Domain names can contain Latin letters, digits, hyphens and dots as separators and must start and end with a letter or a digit". This issue was resolved.

  171. [-]  Administrators were unable to adjust database hosting settings in Administration Panel > Service Templates > Linux Shared Hosting > Parameters. The MySQL database section was missing. This issue was resolved.

  172. [-]  Customers could not create mailboxes under Cyrillic domain names. The following error occurred: "Error: null". This issue was resolved.

  173. [-]  Administrators were unable to integrate WHMCS with PPA. WHMCS raised the following error: "Unable to check subscription in PPA. Unable to Connect to ssl://<ip-address>:8440. Error #0:". This issue was resolved.

  174. [-]  Administrators failed to add service nodes running Microsoft Windows with the Turkish locale. This issue was resolved.

  175. [-]  After uploading a renewed license key for a service node, the new license key was not applied, and the previously used license key was no longer available. This issue was resolved.

  176. [-]  Administrators failed to upgrade PPA under the sudo user. They encountered the following error in the console: "ERROR: service pem start exited with non-zero status 127 while performing update(s)". This issue was resolved.

  177. [-]  Customers could not access webmail from the Hosting Panel. The default Apache web page was opened instead. This issue was resolved.

  178. [-]  Administrators were unable to restore the PPA firewall rules. The following error message was encountered in the console: "Exception: ERROR: Failed to execute command:['iptables', '-N', 'PPA-SN-Rules-INPUT'] iptables: Chain already exists". This issue was resolved.

  179. [-]  Customers could not remove domain aliases. They encountered the following error in the Hosting Panel: "Internal Error(mod_fastcgi.c.2746) FastCGI-stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getServiceNode() on a non-object in /usr/local/psa/admin/plib/DomainAlias/Manager.php on line 703". This issue was resolved.

  180. [-]  Administrators could not delete subscriptions without opening the task queue and restarting failed tasks. This issue was resolved.

  181. [-]  Administrators could not add service nodes if the time and date on the management node and on the service nodes were not synchronized. The error message explaining the cause of the issue was improved.

  182. [-]  The product name shown in the user interface was corrected.

  183. [-]  Administrators failed to transfer domains without hosting from Windows-based Parallels Plesk Panel servers. The following error occurred: "This subscription is not compatible with the 'DNS Hosting' plan. This could happen, for example, if the subscription offers IIS-based hosting while the plan offers Apache-based hosting. Associate the subscription with a compatible plan using the migration list file." This issue was resolved.

  184. [-]  Administrators failed to migrate to PPA domain templates from Expand. This issue was resolved.

  185. [-]  Administrators failed to perform migration if the migration configuration file contained a password with the percent symbol. The following error occurred: "Fatal error, migration is terminated: '%' must be followed by '%' or '(', found: '%M'". This issue was resolved.

  186. [-]  Administrators failed to run migration if the source server was configured to use an IPv6 IP address. This issue was resolved.

  187. [-]  Administrators failed to selectively migrate data from Plesk 8 for Windows: The migration tool created a full server backup with all content. This issue was resolved.

  188. [-]  On attempting to migrate subscriptions with a dedicated IP pool from Plesk for Windows, administrators were shown the following warning: "This subscription has dedicated IIS application pool enabled. Application pool and corresponding system user will be recreated, see documentation for explanations." This issue was resolved.

  189. [-]  The issue with restoration of subscription content was resolved.

  190. [-]  The error message explaining how to resolve time synchronization issues during attaching of service nodes to PPA was improved.

  191. [-]  The issue with backing up IIS subscriptions was resolved.

  192. [-]  APC was turned off in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. This issue was resolved.

  193. [-]  PPA installation failed because certain kernel options were not recognized. This issue was resolved.

  194. [-]  PPA installation failed on Plesk AMI images at Amazon EC2. This issue was resolved.

  195. [-]  Administrators could not create a service template with unlimited traffic and disk space using the Add Shared Hosting Template wizard in the Administration Panel.

  196. [-]  PPA accepted ZIP codes only with the 8 symbols length.

  197. [-]  Users could not access their site through FTP, if the administrator did not set the hostname for a certain service node in the node properties.

  198. [-]  Mail services stopped working after upgrade.

  199. [-]  After removing a MySQL database server node from PPA, administrators could not add it once again.

  200. [-]  Administrators could not see the IP address and Port parameters of a database server on the service template's Parameters tab.

  201. [-]  The algorithm that selected mail nodes during subscription provisioning worked incorrectly.

  202. [-]  Transferring data from other hosting panels failed if there were no /root/.ssh directory on Linux-based service nodes.

  203. [-]  APS applications were not transferred properly from Parallels Plesk Panel servers.

  204. [-]  Mail users and domain administrators were not transferred from Parallels Plesk Panel 9.

  205. [-]  PPA WHMCS module created unnecessary accounts in PPA when creating a customer subscription, in case the customer was already subscribed to non-PPA services in WHMCS.

  206. [-]  On CentOS 6, DNS resolving failed due to invalid NS resource records that were created for subscriptions.

  207. [-]  The check_service_node utility returned an unclear error message when yum was not configured on the node.

  208. [-]  The check_service_node utility returned an unclear error message when the host utility was not installed on the node.

  209. [-]  After migration from H-sphere to PPA, hosting aliases were transformed to domain without hosting.

  210. [-]  SSL certificates were not migrated from H-sphere.

  211. [-]  PPA failed to migrate PostgreSQL databases that were external on the source server. The following error occurred: "Failed to copy content of database 'pgtest'".

2. Platform Requirements

Management Node
OS RHEL / CentOS 5.7, 5.8
Disk space Min 5GB

Linux Service Nodes
OS RHEL / CentOS 5.x, 6.x
Disk space Min 2GB

Windows Service Nodes
OS Windows 2008, 2008 R2
Disk space Min 20GB

3. Supplied Third-Party Components

Linux Service Nodes
PPA automatically installs the following components to Linux service nodes (each node role has its own set of components):

Windows Service Nodes
PPA automatically installs the following components to Windows service nodes (each node role has its own set of components):

4. Supported Third-Party Components

Linux Service Nodes
PPA provides the support for the following components on Linux service nodes:

Windows Service Nodes
PPA provides the support for the following components on Windows service nodes:

5. Release Limitations

The first release has some limitations in functionality, which are going to be eliminated in the upcoming updates.

  1. The list of supported service nodes' OSs is limited to RHEL / CentOS 5.5 and later, 6.0-6.3
  2. The DomainKeys and greylisting anti-spam techniques are not supported.
  3. Mailman is not supported.
  4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus is not supported.
  5. SmarterMail mail server nodes limitations:
  6. MS SQL Server 2008 database server nodes limitations:

6. Migration Tools Limitations

  1. When a website created with Parallels Web Presence Builder (former Sitebuilder) is moved to PPA, Web Presence Builder data is not transferred. As the result, the moved site is fully operable but it is not possible to edit it by means of Web Presence Builder.
  2. When a website with installed APS application is moved to PPA, application's APS package is not transferred. As the result, the application is fully operable but it is not possible to change its APS settings from the application management page.

7. Known Issues

  1. A subscription with the mail service cannot be downgraded to a plan without the mail service if there are mailboxes in this subscription. The administrator should remove mailboxes before downgrading.
  2. If a subscription's DNS zone is not resolvable, the webmail software may keep looping on the login screen showing messages about invalid user credentials.
  3. If a customer has several subscriptions, the Login as Customer link in the Administration Panel will open one of the customer's subscriptions in the Hosting Panel (not necessarily the selected one). To open a certain subscription, you will need to choose it in the Hosting Panel again.
  4. The subscriptions that provide only mail services can be hosted only on shared IP addresses. The subscription that provide both mail and web services can be hosted on dedicated IP addresses.
  5. If you uninstall Plesk Panel service controllers and then install them again, you should recreate all service templates. It is strictly discouraged to change system components in the operating environment.
  6. SOA records are not propagated from the Hosting Panel to the PPA's DNS service. SOA should be set in the Administration Panel.
  7. Wildcard subdomains like * are not supported.
  8. Administrators could not suspend a reseller if there are service templates created under their name. If an attempt to suspend the reseller is made from the Billing Panel, the reseller will be marked as suspended in the Billing Panel remaining active in fact.
  9. A suspended customer will be unable to log in to PPA: They will get infinite redirects back to the login dialog without any explanations.
  10. After removing a brand, administrators should additionaly check that DNS records for the branding site are removed. Otherwise the users will be able to access PPA using the old URLs which will lead to an unbranded version of PPA.
  11. The root username should not be used for the MySQL database administrator.

8. Contact Information

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