Release Notes for Updates Issued for Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5

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  1. Introduction
  2. What's New
    1. Plesk Automation 11.5.21  (26 November 2015)
    2. Plesk Automation 11.5.20  (28 October 2015)
    3. Plesk Automation 11.5.19  (12 October 2015)
    4. Plesk Automation 11.5.18  (14 September 2015)
    5. Plesk Automation 11.5.17  (25 August 2015)
    6. Plesk Automation 11.5.16  (11 August 2015)
    7. Plesk Automation 11.5.15  (28 July 2015)
    8. Plesk Automation 11.5.14  (14 July 2015)
    9. Plesk Automation 11.5.13  (30 June 2015)
    10. Plesk Automation 11.5.12  (15 June 2015)
    11. Plesk Automation 11.5.11  (25 May 2015)
    12. Plesk Automation 11.5.10  (20 April 2015)
    13. Plesk Automation 11.5.9  (5 February 2015)
    14. Plesk Automation 11.5.8  (20 October 2014)
      1. Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.8
    15. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.7  (8 September 2014)
    16. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.6  (21 July 2014)
    17. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.5  (3 June 2014)
      1. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.5
      2. Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.5
      3. Migration and Migration Tools
    18. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.4  (8 April 2014)
    19. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.3  (6 March 2014)
    20. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.2  (17 February 2014)
      1. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.2
      2. Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.11
      3. Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.2
    21. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.1  (27 December 2013)
    22. Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.0  (10 December 2013)

1. Introduction

This document provides information about the latest updates issued for Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.

2. What's New


[+] new feature

[*] functionality improved

[-] issue resolved

Plesk Automation 11.5.21  (26 November 2015)

  1. [*] Now administrators can use the new ppa.health_check command-line tool to check whether all the necessary services are operating properly on the management node and on service nodes. For details, refer to the Knowledge Base article at

  2. [-] After an IIS service node was added, the new "FTP Service" firewall rule appeared, which allowed access to all TCP ports. (PPA-2686).

  3. [-] After mail forwarding was re-enabled in Customer Panel, it became impossible to change the forwarding email. (PPA-2813).

  4. [-] The ppa.ip_address utility attempted to reconfigure Postfix even if it was not deployed on the node. As a result, it was not possible to reassign the IP addresses for the node. (PPA-2888).

  5. [-] phpMyAdmin showed images incorrectly when users were logged in to Customer Panel using the Safari browser. (PPA-2803).

  6. [-] It was not possible to add a DNS record to the parent domain's DNS zone or synchronize the parent and the alias domains, if both of them contained an upper-case letter in their names. (PPA-2915).

  7. [-] The Dynamic Website Activation on IIS 8.5 could disrupt the operation of the Plesk agent and sites on an IIS node. (PPA-2327).

  8. [-] If mail forwarding was set to a nonexistent email address, the second attempt to reset mail forwarding to another nonexistent email failed. (PPA-2569).

  9. [-] It was not possible to create a domain alias if the primary domain had a TXT record longer than 255 characters. (PPA-2912).

Plesk Automation 11.5.20  (28 October 2015)

  1. [+] Administrators can use the new ppa.autoupdater command-line tool to install updates automatically. Learn more at

  2. [+] Horde Webmail was upgraded to version 5.1.5.

  3. [-] Administrators could not upgrade PPA 11.1 to 11.5. (PPA-2875)

  4. [-] Administrators could not add service nodes with MySQL role if update #18 was not installed on the management node. (PPA-2706)

  5. [-] DNS service could not restart if a record in a DNS zone was deactivated through the customer panel. (PPA-1561)

  6. [-] A WordPress-based website could be corrupted if PHP was running as Apache module and plugins were updated from WP admin panel. (PPA-2564)

  7. [-] Administrators could not update Plesk Automation from version 11.5.18 to 11.5.19 if a MySQL 5.5 service node was attached and Atomic repository was enabled. (PPA-2828)

  8. [-] Simultaneous execution of multiple operations on Apache hosting could corrupt the Apache configuration. (PPA-2394)

  9. [-] Customers could not use a custom webmail server because DNS records pointing to that server were overwritten. (PPA-2207)

Plesk Automation 11.5.19  (12 October 2015)

  1. [+] phpMyAdmin was updated to version 4.1.12. (PPA-2667)

  2. [+] Client PHP was updated to versions 5.3.29 and 5.4.32 on Windows service nodes. (PPA-2804)

  3. [+] Tomcat was updated to version 7.0.55 on Windows service nodes. (PPA-2528)

  4. [*] The download size of PPA updates was reduced to 500MB, which should result in decreased installation times. (PPA-2595)

  5. [*] All features and bugfixes from Plesk 11.5 were introduced to PPA 11.5 to make PPA up to date with Plesk 11.5. (PPA-2591)

  6. [-] Information about creating multi-webspace subscriptions using the PPA API was added to the PA Integration guide. (PPA-599)

  7. [-] Changing the IP of a mail node did not result in changes to the Postfix transport map. (PPA-2268)

  8. [-] Data was written to the domain's access_log.webstat file even if the web statistics were disabled for that domain. (PPA-2524)

  9. [-] Users could not delete database records via phpMyAdmin opened in Firefox. (PPA-2596)

  10. [-] Running the repair utility did not restore the correct permissions on virtual host directories. (PPA-2614)

  11. [-] Disk space taken up by Microsoft SQL Server databases was not included in the disk space usage data calculated by PPA. (PPA-2735)

  12. [-] Users logged in to a branded panel using the Safari browser could not use phpMyAdmin. (PPA-2336)

  13. [-] Domain level backups were not being rotated even if backup rotation was enabled. (PPA-2768)

Plesk Automation 11.5.18  (14 September 2015)

  1. [+] The role for MySQL 5.5 service nodes was added. (PPA-2628)

  2. [*] The support for greylisting and domain key protection for the Postfix mail server was added. (PPA-2431, KB 126803)

  3. [-] Changing the hosting type on a webspace to physical by using XML API failed if no system user was specified. (PPA-2213)

  4. [-] Customers could see an incorrect error description ("Connection problem: ...") when XML API errors occurred. (PPA-2215)

  5. [-] The DNS zone management was disabled by default for domains and add-on domains on multiple subscriptions with the unlimited DNS resource. (PPA-165, PPA-2613)

  6. [-] Users were unable to set up their webmail site on a mail node: they could not use a custom 'A' webmail record because the default 'CNAME' webmail record was used instead. (PPA-2207)

  7. [-] On notification message editing screen, the Body localization status field had an incorrect value. (PPA-606)

  8. [-] There was no correct error reporting for the creation of reseller's subscriptions on Apache nodes. (PPA-1036)

  9. [-] An unclear error message was displayed when users attempted to remove a DNS service node in use. (PPA-2421)

Plesk Automation 11.5.17  (25 August 2015)

  1. [-] The copyright notice in GUI was updated. (PPA-2598)

  2. [-] Customers could not get to the Customer Panel in PPA from WHMCS. (PPA-2359)

  3. [-] Customer's WordPress installation could be corrupted if any errors occurred during application upgrade. (PPA-1343)

Plesk Automation 11.5.16  (11 August 2015)

  1. [-] Reseller's staff members with the "Account administrator" role could view the elements of the user interface that should not be available to them. (PPA-1828)

  2. [-] Content backup could not be created for a subscription with Windows hosting if a password of the backup node contained an asterisk or another special symbol. (PPA-2315)

  3. [-] If web settings of a subscription with Apache hosting contained symbols in the Base64 encoding, that subscription could not be restored from a backup. (PPA-2578)

Plesk Automation 11.5.15  (28 July 2015)

  1. [*] Localization was improved.

  2. [-] After modifications of an SSL certificate on the server, it was impossible to activate or reconfigure domains and to delete the certificate from the storage. (PPA-2533)

  3. [-] PPA upgrade failed if some component of an earlier version was already installed from a priority repository. (PPA-2168)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.14  (14 July 2015)

  1. [-] Random service node selection algorithm was incorrectly described as round-robin in GUI and documentation. (PPA-2290)

  2. [-] If an Apache service node was restarted while being backed up on schedule, customers could no longer perform scheduled backups. (PPA-2347)

  3. [-] In some cases, users could not create domains, subdomains, and domain aliases by means of command-line utilities. (PPA-2527)

  4. [-] After installing update #12 on the management node, users could no longer create subscriptions with mail hosting on remote Postfix nodes. (PPA-2520)

  5. [-] The synchronization of DNS zones between domains and domain aliases did not work properly. (PPA-2518​, PPA-2519)

  6. [-] Database inconsistency occurred if users removed the "Subscription" resource from a service template and then downgraded some subscription to that template. Users can no longer remove the "Subscription" resource. (PPA-1683)

  7. [-] Users did not receive backup notifications by email. (PPA-1292, PPA-2517)

  8. [-] Non-Latin alphabet symbols were not shown properly in backup file comments. (PPA-819)

  9. [-] The option to manage Microsoft SQL Server databases with webadmin was incorrectly presented in Customer Panel > Websites. (PPA-2289)

  10. [-] In rare cases, administrator's staff member were redirected to incorrect webspaces on attempting to log in as a customer. (PPA-715)

  11. [-] Exporting of website snapshots from Presence Builder could produce corrupted snapshots if a website was hosted on a dedicated IP address. (PPA-2516​)

  12. [-] Customers could not log in to Plesk Automation from WHMCS. (PPA-1400)

  13. [-] Users could disrupt order processing in WHMCS if they specified incorrect resource limit values. (PPA-2205)

  14. [-] Customers could not rename a domain on a subscription that had mail service provisioned. They encountered the "Object not found" error. (PPA-2542)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.13  (30 June 2015)

  1. [*] DNS zones of domain aliases were not being synced with the DNS zones of their parent domains by default.

  2. [-] Customers could not see more than 25 items per page on the 'Mail Queue' screen. (PPA-688)

  3. [-] Customers could not enable the mail service on domains that were created in Plesk using a service template with no mail service, and then migrated to PPA. (PPA-2086)

  4. [-] Admin staff members created via the API on PPA installations version 11.5 MU #6 or earlier were missing the 'multiply_login' parameter even after the installation was updated to MU #7 or later version. (PPA-2265)

  5. [-] Removing a subscription resulted in the Plesk integration user being removed from the SSO database if the user's name matched the name of the removed webspace. (PPA-2430)

  6. [-] Logging in to CCP using an existing session after the license key had been updated resulted in an unclear error. (PPA-2206)

  7. [-] The PPA documentation was improved. (PPA-2252, PPA-1069, PPA-1251, PPA-1495, PPA-2434)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.12  (15 June 2015)

  1. [*] The Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, and German locales were updated.

  2. [-] Customers could not back up subscriptions that had websites with large amounts of web or database content. (PPA-622)

  3. [-] Additional license keys for external Linux-based mail server nodes could not be updated after installation of update #9. (PPA-2345)

  4. [-] Email users could not authenticate at the mail server after mailboxes were created on additional domains of a subscription, and the subscription was disabled and then enabled again. (PPA-2441)

  5. [-] If subscriptions were created based on a template without database hosting, and then upgraded to a template with database hosting, the users of such subscriptions could not manage databases. (PPA-1661)

  6. [-] Customers had to update all applications manually even if automatic updates for applications were switched on. (PPA-2093)

  7. [-] Incompatible applications such as OwnCloud and Deskera CRM were available to users. The incompatible applications were made unavailable. (PPA-2218)

  8. [-] The checkboxes governing customer permissions for backing up and restoring data were available in the interface. (PPA-2328)

  9. [-] In some cases, administrators could not remove DNS zones with custom resource records from branded subscriptions. (PPA-2331)

  10. [-] Scheduled backup did not run for additional domains of a subscription if the main domain of that subscription was suspended. (PPA-2361)

  11. [-] Customers could not add Microsoft SQL Server nodes if the nodes were running non-English Windows versions. (PPA-2380)

  12. [-] On some configurations, customers could not create more than 60,000 mailboxes under a single subscription. (PPA-2413)

  13. [-] Applications catalog could fail to load in case of network proxies or low connection speed. (PPA-2416)

  14. [-] Providers saw an incorrect error message on attempting to add a domain whose zone is a parent zone of a DNS server's host name. (PPA-2360)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.11  (25 May 2015)

  1. [*] PPA now uses TLS instead of SSLv3 for connections to the Odin licensing system. (PPA-2403)

  2. [-] Windows-based service nodes could run out of free disk space because temporary backup files were not deleted automatically. (PPA-2304, PPA-2302)

  3. [-] Customers could not see actual backup size for Windows webspaces in Backup Manager. (PPA-2212)

  4. [-] Customers with multi-webspace subscriptions could create more websites than they were allowed. (PPA-2109)

  5. [-] Customers could not see information about disk space usage by databases. (PPA-2123)

  6. [-] Customers could not see the statistics on databases usage. (PPA-2116)

  7. [-] Customers could not switch on SPF spam protection on mail service nodes. (PPA-2319)

  8. [-] Customers could not see information about disk space used by backups on backup nodes. (PPA-2197)

  9. [-] Integration with the WHMCS stopped working after a customer account with ID 1 was removed from WHMCS. (PPA-2111)

  10. [-] The options to manage greylisting and DomainKeys spam protection were available in the Customer's Panel. (PPA-2362)

  11. [-] In some cases, the "Change permission" option for folder and files was not available in File manager. (PPA-2084)

  12. [-] Users could create DNS zones in the zones belonging to other users. (PPA-2396)

  13. [-] Customers could not download files with non-Latin characters in paths via the file manager. (PPA-2087)

  14. [-] Customers could not back up data if some web hosting settings contained symbols incompatible with XML. (PPA-2391)

  15. [-] Customers logged in to Customer's Panel via a branded URL could not use the Up Level button on several screens. (PPA-2184)

  16. [-] WHMCS charged customers for disk space overuse, even if additional disk space was purchased. (PPA-2335)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.10  (16 April 2015)

  1. [-] Statistics calculation process could fail for domains that used databases on standalone MySQL nodes. (PPA-2318)

  2. [-] On attempting to switch a domain from external DNS hosting to a local DNS hosting, users encountered the following error: "Domain Hosting 'NS Hosting' already bound to domain #111". (PPA-2371)

  3. [-] PPA crashed on attempting to perform simultaneous operations on huge amount of mail users (60 000 or more). (PPA-2365)

  4. [-] Users could not add FTP accounts with mixed-case usernames on Apache subscriptions. (PPA-2364)

  5. [-] Customers could not back up a subscription if there was not enough free disk space on the management node. (PPA-2291)

  6. [-] Customers could not change web hosting settings while data were being backed up on a service node. (PPA-2138)

  7. [-] A list of backup files in a backup storage now takes less time to load. (PPA-2132)

  8. [-] Customers could not add the date.timezone directive to the PHP settings for a website. (PPA-2128)

  9. [-] In some cases, license keys for service nodes could not be properly updated. (PPA-2196)

  10. [-] After PHP was removed from an IIS service node, customers could no longer open the Customer's Panel > Websites tab. (PPA-2292)

  11. [-] Customers could not install applications on IIS subscriptions. They encountered the "504 Gateway timeout" error. (PPA-2286)

  12. [-] Customers could not access webmail if SSLv3 for IMAP was disabled to avoid the POODLE vulnerability on mail servers. (PPA-2143)

  13. [-] Customers could not check the disk space used by databases on database service nodes. This issue was resolved; however, by default, the disk space calculation is disabled. To enable it after an update, insert the value include_remote_databases = true into the psa.misc database table. You can do this with the SQL query "REPLACE INTO misc (param, val) VALUES ('include_remote_databases', 'true');" (PPA-2116)

  14. [-] In some cases, administrators could not add Windows service nodes until they restarted the corresponding failed tasks. (PPA-2104)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.9  (5 February 2015)

  1. [-] After upgrading PPA from version 11.1 to 11.5 resource usage statistics were no longer calculated. (PPA-2288)

  2. [-] Customers could not update license keys for external mail service nodes. (PPA-2280)

  3. [-] During the transfer of subscriptions from Plesk 11.5 to PPA 11.5, customers could not transfer Microsoft SQL Server databases with custom schemas. (PPA-2276)

  4. [-] Providers could not migrate websites created with Presence Builder from Plesk 11.5 to PPA 11.5. (PPA-2260)

  5. [-] Customers could not preview sites if PPA was configured to operate behind NAT using IP translations. (PPA-2195)

  6. [-] After upgrading PPA from version 11.1 to 11.5, customers could no longer send email via webmail located on the management node. (PPA-2151)

  7. [-] Customers could not delete service nodes that were previously put offline. (PPA-2150)

  8. [-] Customers could not install PPA updates on service nodes with the German locale. (PPA-2149)

  9. [-] DNS server could not start if users added a domain name coinciding with the domain name of the default name server in PPA. (PPA-2117)

  10. [-] Users could not upgrade PPA from version 11.1 to 11.5 if Atomic repository was enabled on Apache service nodes. (PPA-2114)

  11. [-] Statistics calculation process for domains on SmarterMail could fail with the following error: "ERR (3) [panel]: Error: Unable to get domain "<domain name>" size: Failed to retrieve the counts for <domain name>. (PPA-2110)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.8  (20 October 2014)

  1. [+] The channel used by PPA for communications between the management node and service nodes is not vulnerable to the SSLv3 "POODLE" vulnerability.

  2. [-] Users could not upgrade PPA from 11.1 to 11.5 if they had a large number of mailboxes (more than 6000). (PPA-2029)

  3. [-] Users could not upgrade PPA from 11.1 to 11.5 if they added Atomic repository to /etc/yum.repos.d/ on Apache or backup nodes. (PPA-2071)

  4. [-] Customer's Control Panel showed resource overuse information in wrong measurement units. (PPA-2090)

  5. [-] Users could not migrate to PPA if PHP was installed on a mail service node. (PPA-2055)

  6. [-] Disk space and traffic usage statistics were not calculated properly if there were more than 200 domains on a single subscription. (PPA-2051)

  7. [-] In rare cases, users could not unsuspend a previously suspended domain if it had domain aliases and mail service. (PPA-1893)

  8. [-] Users had to set an additional trusted certificate at port 8443 if they configured PPA branding over SSL and initiated a global session from a custom billing solution. (PPA-1846)

  9. [-] Users could not change a service template for a subscription with mail to a template without mail service. (PPA-1752)

  10. [-] After renaming a domain name, mail sent to an email address under a domain alias could not be delivered. (PPA-1591)

  11. [-] Customers whose subscriptions were suspended were redirected to the Accounts tab upon login to Customer's Control Panel. (PPA-1581)

  12. [-] Customers could not add TXT resource records with a value longer than 255 symbols. (PPA-1524)

  13. [-] PPA administrators could not manage website preview settings. (PPA-1255)

  14. [-] Disk space usage statistics could be incorrectly calculated for subscriptions with multiple domains. (PPA-809)

Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.8

  1. [+] Integration with SSL certificates providers and domain registrars that use OpenSRS API. To make SSL certificates and domains provisioning abilities more flexible, the OpenSRS SSL and Domain Registration plug-ins can now be reconfigured to integrate PPAB with any SSL certificates provider or domain that use OpenSRS API protocol. The OpenSRS SSL and Domain Registration plug-ins now get the editable fields for certificates provider or domain registrar hosts and ports. Thus, it is now enough to enter the connection parameters of the desired provider and set up the integration without the need for a custom plug-in.

  2. [-] Limit notifications are now sent for measurable resources (like traffic) that are measured in the non-basic units (such as GB instead of basic KB). (PBA-58703)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.7  (8 September 2014)

  1. [+] Providers can attach multiple SmarterMail nodes. The same administrator's username and password must be used for SmarterMail API interface.

  2. [*] Apache Tomcat on the PPA management node was updated to version 7.0.55.

  3. [*] Providers can extend the allowed list of locales for any locale, which is already available in Plesk. The PPA part should be translated and localization files uploaded.

  4. [-] Database inconsistency occurred after users removed an application from the file system, and then attempted to remove that application from Customer Panel. As a result, users could not use file manager and other website management functions. (PPA-1918)

  5. [-] Users could not use Java applications on domains (PPA-1910)

  6. [-] Customers could not create databases on branding sites. (PPA-1860)

  7. [-] Users could not deploy billing nodes behind NAT. (PPA-1572)

  8. [-] After changing a username in hosting settings, the root user's directories and files could appear in the user's home directory. (PPA-985)

  9. [-] Customers could not remove event handlers. (PPA-1479)

  10. [-] Customers could not create wildcard subdomains. (PPA-1459)

  11. [-] PPA management node failed to restart if there was a branding site with a dedicated IPv6 address. (PPA-1447)

  12. [-] Customers could not limit the number of automatic responses while configuring auto-reply settings for a mailbox. (PPA-1349)

  13. [-] Domain backup notices could be sent on behalf of a wrong user. (PPA-1269)

  14. [-] Customers could not use ColdFusion DSN and ODBC DSN on IIS-based hosting. (PPA-1197)

  15. [-] Users could not log in to Customer Panel using the same staff member's credentials: concurrent sessions were not allowed. (PPA-1171)

  16. [-] Users of IDN domains could not log in to the administrative interface in WordPress. (PPA-1126)

  17. [-] PPA showed an unclear error message if operating system on a service node was not supported. (PPA-1037)

  18. [-] Users could not set up long IDN domain names. (PPA-1031)

  19. [-] Providers could not add Windows-based service nodes if administrator's password contained an ampersand symbol (&). (PPA-990)

  20. [-] When a subscription was created through WHMCS, the user account of that subscription could access all other subscriptions of the same customer. (PPA-845)

  21. [-] After editing role names, customer accounts could no longer be created. (PPA-748)

  22. [-] License keys for Dr.Web antivirus could not be automatically updated. (PPA-474)

  23. [-] A horizontal scrollbar was not shown in Customer Panel > Mail tab. (PPA-440)

  24. [-] Providers could not attach database servers by using migration tools. (PPA-1806)

  25. [-] Providers could not attach database servers while transferring data from Plesk if database servers were registered with Plesk by host names, and by IP addresses with PPA. (PPA-1526)

  26. [-] Users could not start migration from H-Sphere with mail on Postfix to PPA with mail on SmarterMail. (PPA-1707)

  27. [-] Users could not migrate mail from source servers with IMAP and SSL/TLS encryption, if unencrypted connections were not allowed. Now they can configure source mail server encryption with the "imap-encryption" option of migration tool's configuration file. (PPA-1823)

  28. [-] Mail content could not be transferred if there were a number of mailboxes with the same local part of the address in a single subscription. (PPA-2038)

  29. [-] Sites created with Presence Builder could not be transferred by means of the migration tools. (PMT-72)

  30. [-] Mailboxes, for which a default mailbox size quota was set, could not be transferred to PPA. (PMT-50)

  31. [-] In some cases, users were shown error messages when the ppa-transfer tool tested DNS after migration. (PMT-135)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.6  (21 July 2014)

  1. [*] PPA now calculates disk usage for SmarterMail domains and mailboxes.

  2. [*] The checker of service nodes for compatibility with Plesk Automation (check_service_node) was significantly improved.

  3. [*] Before a PPA upgrade/update, the following conditions are checked: YUM is installed and properly configured, YUM repositories are accessible on the management and service nodes.

  4. [-] Users could not search by Active at the Service Templates screen. A system error occurred. (PPA-1521)

  5. [-] Mailboxes with names in mixed case stopped working after upgrade from PPA 11.1 to 11.5. (PPA-1232)

  6. [-] Users could not switch on auto-reply for mailboxes on domains that had domain aliases. (PPA-1313)

  7. [-] Administrators could not create a subscription with support for mail services if the webmail node was uninstalled. (PPA-1346)

  8. [-] After upgrading or updating to PPA 11.5.*, the default Plesk license appeared in the License Manager. (PPA-1428)

  9. [-] After updating to PPA 11.5.5, administrators could not set the 'Allow overuse of disk space and traffic' activation parameter for a subscription. The parameter did not appear in the list of the subscription's resources. (PPA-1456)

  10. [-] DNS PTR records for a subscription were not removed on the subscription removal. (PPA-1476)

  11. [-] Users could not use the webmail service if they were subscribed to Roundcube webmail. (PPA-1497)

  12. [-] When users modified a DNS zone and removed both A and NS records, the DNS zone synchronization failed. The following error occurred: NS record "<domain>. NS ns.<domain>." has no address records (A or AAAA). (PPA-1560)

  13. [-] Users could see uninformative error messages while managing domain aliases. (PPA-168)

  14. [-] Administrators could not remove subscriptions with support for database services if the database service node was registered with a backnet IP address. (PPA-533)

  15. [-] Update from PPA 11.5.1 was taking too much time. (PPA-653)

  16. [-] Administrators could not install a node with the mixed 'Apache + Postfix + MySQL + PostgreSQL' role, if a hyphen was used in the PostgreSQL administrator's username. They were not informed that the hyphen cannot be used for the PostgreSQL administrator's username either. (PPA-695)

  17. [-] Updates could fail and administrators had to restart the update because of slow restart. (PPA-725)

  18. [-] Administrators could not add a server with already installed MSSQL as a new MSSQL service node. The error message did not explain how to register an existing database server in the system. (PPA-773)

  19. [-] Administrators could not change the host name of a service node based on Windows Server 2012 R2. The following error occurred: Failed to retrieve the host name of the node: ERROR: Cannot open control pipe - NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER. (PPA-923)

  20. [-] Restoration of a backup and migration failed if there were system users with the same name on different nodes. The following error occurred: System user <username> doesn't belong to domain being restored. (PPA-1032)

  21. [-] Administrators could not create a subscription if the SSL certificate for the domain was modified. The following error occurred: SSLCACertificateFile: file '/usr/local/psa/var/certificates/<cert-name>' does not exist or is empty. (PPA-1042)

  22. [-] Customers could see the 'Access to subscriptions' permission instead of 'Access to webspaces' in the Hosting Panel > Users > a user's settings. (PPA-1118)

  23. [-] A domain's webmail configuration file /etc/httpd/conf/plesk.conf.d/webmails/<lwebmail>/<domain>_webmail.conf was not removed on the subscription removal if webmail was hosted on a service node. (PPA-1143)

  24. [-] Administrators received the error message about the main PPA licence expiration when the PPA license was valid, but the POA license was uploaded separately and expired. (PPA-1152)

  25. [-] Users with the Application user role and a mail account could access the Mail tab in the Hosting Panel even when the webspace was disabled and the redirection loop occurred on this tab. (PPA-1165)

  26. [-] Customers could not recalculate actual disk space used by mailboxes through the Hosting Panel > Mail > Refresh Usage Stats. The zero usage for all mailboxes on the domain was shown. (PPA-1196)

  27. [-] When administrators added an MSSQL service node, the Customer Data folder remained empty and was not used as the data directory for MSSQL node. (PPA-1225)

  28. [-] The limit on the number of connections per IP in Courier IMAP server configuration was reset to default after upgrade from PPA 11.1 to 11.5. (PPA-1231)

  29. [-] Administrators received an unclear error message when they tried to install a new Linux node and there was a duplicate host name record in /etc/hosts. (PPA-1576)

  30. [-] When administrators changed the host name of a service node with the ppa.hostname utility, several occurrences of the old host name remained in the 'plesk' database. (PPA-1067)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.5  (3 June 2014)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.5

  1. [+] Providers can change IP addresses of service nodes by means of the command-line utility ppa.ip_address. Learn more.

  2. [+] The script for deployment of PPA in Parallels Cloud Server now supports deployment of billing service nodes. Learn more.

  3. [+] After upgrading PPA or moving subscriptions among service nodes, providers can check whether the essential hosting services are operating properly by running the new utility ppa.hosting_check. Learn more.

  4. [+] Webspaces on CloudLinux nodes are now restricted by their own LVEs. This ensures that a single website will not overload the entire web server. Users who already had installed CloudLinux, should do the following after installing Update #5: go to Service Nodes > <CloudLinux node>, and click Refresh in the User-installed packages group. Read how to set the default and custom LVE limits.

  5. [+] Providers can now hide tabs in the Customer Panel, in particular, the Home and Support tabs. Learn more. Note: It is impossible to hide the Home tab in Customer Panel if PPA is integrated with Parallels Plesk Automation Billing.

  6. [+] SSL certificates purchased in Parallels Plesk Automation Billing are now provisioned to domains.

  7. [+] With this update we start issuing the clues to the most commonly asked questions, which will be visible in the provider panel. The clues will be issued in the form of ZIP file and loaded into the panel by the /usr/local/ppa/bin/helpbox utility. If you would like to update the contents of a Help box on a particular screen, you can do it by clicking the Edit Help box icon in the upper right corner of the page, next to the Refresh icon. If you do not need them, they can be removed by the command /usr/local/ppa/bin/helpbox --clean.

  8. [*] Domain names listed in Customer Panel > Webspaces tab are now sorted by domain name.

  9. [*] The tool /usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update was extended with the new command-line option --history to show a report about installed PPA upgrades and updates.

  10. [-] Administrators could not add external Linux-based mail servers. The task "Install additional packages on the node '<node>' according to the role PPA_EXTERNAL_MAIL" failed. (PPA-1173)

  11. [-] Users could not log in to Customer Panel under staff member accounts. The following error occurred: "The user is either locked or is not allowed to log in." (PPA-164)

  12. [-] A user who was granted access to one webspace could see the list of all webspaces of a subscription. (PPA-1052)

  13. [-] Upgrade could fail if the /tmp partition on a service node was mounted with the "noexec" option. (PPA-993)

  14. [-] On attempting to create subscriptions on Windows-based nodes, users encountered errors related to IP addresses. (PPA-988).

  15. [-] Configurable options for WHMCS where not created automatically. (PPA-987)

  16. [-] DNS service failed to start if there were incorrect resource records in a zone. (PPA-955)

  17. [-] The log file /var/log/poa.log was not rotated and it consumed disk space on service nodes. (PPA-952)

  18. [-] Users could not deploy PPA in PCS using the deployment script if some containers in PCS were configured without the SWAPPAGES parameter. (PPA-950)

  19. [-] The wget utility was not installed automatically on backup service nodes. (PPA-907)

  20. [-] After customers set hosting type for webspaces to "forwarding" or "no hosting", they could no longer change the resource limits for their subscriptions. (PPA-875)

  21. [-] After executing scheduled backups, domains were not unsuspended, and mail notifications related to backups were not sent to users. (PPA-850)

  22. [-] The operation of billing service nodes could be disrupted after Apache error log consumed all available disk space. (PPA-830)

  23. [-] Customers could not add billing service nodes on volumes created with Logical Volume Manager (LVM). (PPA-807)

  24. [-] Customers could not add billing service nodes because of errors related to conflicting packages. (PPA-611)

  25. [-] Customers were shown an unclear error message when they added Microsoft SQL Server nodes with already installed Microsoft SQL Server. (PPA-773)

  26. [-] Restoration of WordPress sites from backups could fail in some cases. (PPA-758)

  27. [-] Users could not add service nodes on CentOS 6.5 because of the default firewall settings that prohibited connections to port 8356. (PPA-610)

  28. [-] License keys for Dr.Web antivirus could not be automatically updated. (PPA-474)

  29. [-] Access permissions for website files were incorrectly set after restoration. (PPA-411)

  30. [-] FTP user permissions were not saved in backups. (PPA-410)

  31. [-] Providers could not disable access to File Manager from the Customer Panel. (PPA-162)

Migration and Migration Tools

  1. [+] Providers can continue using their existing database servers after migration to PPA from other platforms. Learn more.

  2. [*] The performance and stability of the migration tool were improved.

  3. [*] During migration from H-Sphere, the migration tool now checks whether connection between a source and a destination server can be established and whether there is enough free disk space.

  4. [*] The ppa-transfer test-all command now checks whether MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases were properly migrated.

  5. [-] In some cases, after migration, databases could be provisioned to the management node, and mail services were pointing to the source server. (PPA-1046)

  6. [-] In some cases, the settings of virtual directories could not be migrated, which could make websites inoperable. (PPA-1041, PPA-1027)

  7. [-] The contents of mail accounts could not be transferred from H-Sphere installations with a large number of domains. (PPA-1150)

  8. [-] Subscriptions could not be migrated to PPA if their owners' usernames started with a digit. (PPA-1090)

Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.5

  1. [+] SSL Certificates Provisioning.

    Now SSL certificates can be provided via PPAB:

    • The SSL related modules are installed automatically during PPAB node deployment or upgrade, including the plug-ins to the SSL providers:
      • eNom
      • GlobalSign
      • OpenSRS
      • SSL Store
    • The initial settings for SSL purchase scenarios in store are configured automatically during installation:
      • SSL Plan Category
      • SSL certificates screen
    • The SSL plug-ins are configured manually with the two-step wizard under System > Settings > Certificates.
    • The SSL Certificate Service Plans are configured manually with the wizard under Products > Service Plans.
    • The up-sell chains for SSL certificates in online store are also configured automatically. When you create a new SSL certificate service plan and publish it in the Online Store via the wizard, PPAB automatically sets up SSL certificate as an up-sell option for domains and shared hosting plans sold within the same purchase scenarios. This ensures correct provisioning of the whole service and this also enables you to set up the up-sell promotions.

  2. [+] Now, when a cancellation order is placed from Provider Control Panel, the payment method for the refund can be selected right away, at the same screen with the cancellation order details.

  3. [+] New gTLDs are supported by eNom and OpenSRS plug-ins. These new gTLDs are added to the plug-ins default configuration:

    • CAB
    • CAMP
    • CENTER
    • CEO
    • EMAIL
    • GLASS
    • LIMO
    • MENU
    • PHOTOS
    • REPAIR
    • SEXY
    • SHOES
    • TATTOO
    • TIPS
    • UNO
    • VOYAGE
  4. [*] Improved error reporting for failed order provisioning. The link to the problem report and to the related Knowledgebase article (if any) is now shown in the error message that is shown if order provisioning fails.

  5. [*] The TLDs selection screen used for the domain registrar plug-ins configuration has been optimized:

    • The available TLDs shown on the screen can be filtered by groups. Such as, top-level, second-level, Asia, Australia, Europe. This reduces the number of TLDs shown at the same time and improves the screen performance.
    • TLDs Selection has been redesigned. Now the TLDs are shown as two lists: one list contains the available TLDs, another one - the selected ones. The TLDs are selected simply by moving them from one list to another.
  6. [*] The format for documents numbering can now be configured using a new functionality called enumerator classes.

    Enumerator classes allow defining the format of the reference numbers assigned to orders and AR documents.

    Enumerator classes are configured under System > Settings > More Finance Settings. It is not possible to add a new enumerators or delete the existing ones. It is only possible to edit the numbering format.

  7. [*] CentOS 6.4 and RHEL 6.4 are not supported starting from version 11.5.5. Before upgrading PPAB to version 11.5.5, the OS must be upgraded to CentOS 6.5 (or RHEL 6.5).

  8. [-] PPAB installation failed. The task "Install PA agent" failed with the error: "Multilib version problems". CentOS and RHEL 6.4 are not supported starting from 5.7.5 - this is reflected in PPA Deployment guide and in PPAB Release Notes. (PBA-56370)

  9. [-] A one-time fee service plan could not be purchased from Customer Control Panel. The error "Select Account first" occurred. (PBA-55869)

  10. [-] The implicit date timezone in PHP caused Billing node inoperability. Previously the Apache error log was flooded with the errors like "PHP Warning: strftime(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings..." due to wrong configuration of PHP. (PBA-55423)

  11. [-] It was not possible to add a service node with the Billing role using a server with Logical Volume Manager (LVM) volumes. (PBA-55298)

  12. [-] There were no upgrade paths between Bronze/Silver/Gold service plans. Traffic was non-measurable and its units of measure should be GB instead of KB. The configuration of the default service plans has been improved. Now the plans are organized into upgrade path Bronze > Silver > Gold, additional traffic is measured in GB instead of KB. (PBA-55031)

  13. [-] PPAB could not be installed on CentOS 6 because of conflicting packages. (PBA-54749)

  14. [-] Web hosting was configured with an IDN in wrong encoding and the domain name was shown incorrectly in Customer Control Panel. (PBA-54479)

  15. [-] PPAB sent notification that the private key was not loaded even if encryption was not configured at all. Now notifications are sent only if encryption is configured correctly but the keys are missing. (PBA-51932)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.4  (8 April 2014)

  1. [+] Service nodes can be deployed on CloudLinux.

  2. [+] A new utility, called sync_resource_usage, is available for synchronizing information about resource usage between the Server Administration Panel and Hosting Panel.

  3. [+] The hostname utility can update the host names of service nodes in PPA.

  4. [+] During migration from Plesk or Plesk Expand to PPA 11.5, providers can keep their existing SmarterMail servers and connect them to PPA as service nodes.

  5. [*] Migration of a large number of sites now takes less time.

  6. [*] The stability of the migration tool was improved.

  7. [*] The algorithm of service node selection for hosting Microsoft SQL Server databases was improved.

  8. [*] Localization was updated for the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese simplified, and Chinese traditional.

  9. [*] The calculation of hosted domains for licensing purposes was improved: now only physically hosted sites are counted.

  10. [-] In some cases, the screens of Hosting Panel were not shown in full in Internet Explorer. (PPA-159)

  11. [-] Dr.Web license keys could not be renewed automatically. (PPA-474)

  12. [-] Users could not back up their subscriptions. Scheduled backups also did not work. (PPA-753)

  13. [-] The daily maintenance task stalled during the calculation of disk space usage statistics. (PPA-805)

  14. [-] Migration from Plesk 8 to PPA failed with the error "Error: Table 'psa.horde.turba_objects' doesn't exist". (PPA-822)

  15. [-] Changing resource limits on a subscription could cause undesirable changes to website hosting settings. (PPA-13)

  16. [-] FTP users could not be restored from backups created on IIS service nodes. (PPA-36)

  17. [-] Users could not see log files for add-on domains in the Hosting Panel. (PPA-501)

  18. [-] Administrators could not manage Microsoft SQL Server databases through Infrastructure > Database Servers > DB Webadmin. Wrong database administration tool was opened.(PPA-594)

  19. [-] Domain forwarding configured by customers on webspaces could be reset to web hosting service after administrators or resellers changed the resource limits in the corresponding service template. (PPA-636)

  20. [-] After upgrading from PPA 11.1 to 11.5, custom ProFTPD configurations were discarded and the operation of FTP server was disrupted. (PPA-646)

  21. [-] Terminated license keys for Dr.Web could not be unassigned from service nodes. (PPA-724)

  22. [-] Enabling of Apache service on PPA backup nodes could disrupt the operation of ProFTPD. (PPA-795)

  23. [-] Webspace provisioning failed on Windows nodes with the error "SIDClient error: Unable to release input thread stack". (PPA-853)

  24. [-] Migration from H-Sphere could fail if the migration tool was run with the "set-dns-forwarding" option. (PPA-790)

  25. [-] Migration from H-Sphere could fail if the SSH key access was used and the H-Sphere node was missing from the list of known hosts. (PPA-777)

  26. [-] Users could not migrate from Plesk for Windows to PPA 11.5 if the destination service node in PPA was running Windows 2012 R2 with German locale. (PPA-751)

  27. [-] Users could not migrate to PPA 11.5 if PPA used an external Microsoft SQL Server (which was added through Infrastructure > Database Servers). (PPA-771)

  28. [-] Users could not transfer the contents of databases from H-Sphere to PPA if the administrator's password for the destination MySQL server contained a bracket symbol ({). (PPA-774)

  29. [-] Users could not upgrade the migration tool by using the command --upgrade. (PPA-749)

  30. [-] During migration from H-Sphere, user names were incorrectly transferred to PPA. (PPA-814)

  31. [-] The migration tool showed error messages while migrating suspended subscriptions in multiple-webspace mode ("transfer-domains-to-subscription: same" in config.ini). (PPA-779)

  32. [-] Migration from Expand installations with centralized mail could produce warning messages about duplicate domain administrator roles. (PPA-848)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.3  (6 March 2014)

  1. [+] Migration from Helm to Parallels Plesk Automation is now supported.

  2. [*] The stability of the migration tool was improved. In case of network connection problems, operations are repeated several times.

  3. [*] Error reporting in the migration tool was improved.

  4. [*] Now Parallels Plesk Automation performs the proper translation of IP addresses during migration.

  5. [*] Now instructions on attaching service nodes running Windows 2012 R2 are available in the Deployment Guide.

  6. [*] The Integration Guide was updated with information about how to use the API for creating subscriptions with multiple webspaces.

  7. [*] The Integration Guide was updated with information about how to manage DNS zones by means of the API.

  8. [-] Updating of Parallels Plesk Automation could be blocked if users were logged in to it. The following error occurred: "[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/cache/ppa/uc_cache/tmpGJ_m8x'".

  9. [-] Instead of a PHP handler's php.ini file, the system default php.ini file was used to generate a domain-level php.ini file. As a result, sometimes custom PHP for a domain did not work.

  10. [-] After upgrading from Parallels Plesk Automation 11.1 to 11.5, web statistics stopped working on Apache nodes.

  11. [-] Installation of Parallels Plesk Automation failed if the SELinux configuration file /selinux/enforce was empty or the SELinux utility failed to execute the command '/usr/sbin/setenforce', '0'.

  12. [-] Disabled DNS zones could become enabled after syncing settings between the Administration Panel with the Hosting Panel.

  13. [-] The link to user documentation in the Administration Panel led to a wrong page.

  14. [-] Users who used an email address as a username could not use the backup and restoration tools.

  15. [-] Upgrade of Parallels Plesk Automation could fail if YUM was not installed or configured, or if repositories were not accessible.

  16. [-] Upgrade of Parallels Plesk Automation could fail if the management node could not connect to service nodes.

  17. [-] When customers changed or added DNS records by means of the API or the console utility /usr/local/psa/bin/dns, the domain zones were filled with duplicated entries.

  18. [-] Administrators could not add more than 256 IP addresses. The following error occurred: "Internal error: Incorrect format of RTM_GETADDR request response."

  19. [-] Users could not change the IP addresses of the management node by means of the ppa.ip_address utility. The following error occurred: "APS resource for '/aps/2/application/dns-record-mx/f81a9762-6149-42fa-8689-4ac20fff61b1' with id '4555' hasn't been deleted. Error code: 500."

  20. [-] Users could not view the web server access logs for add-on domains on Apache-based hosting.

  21. [-] After suspending and unsuspending domains hosted on IIS, users could no longer manage files in File Manager. The following error occurred: "Internal error: Unable to logon user (<host name>\sub6_83s): (1331) Logon failure: account currently disabled.

  22. [-] Users could not transfer subscriptions that used Microsoft SQL Server databases to Parallels Plesk Automation.

  23. [-] IIS-based subscriptions could not be completely removed. Some configuration files remained in the file system after removal.

  24. [-] Administrators could not add service nodes when the root login on the nodes was disabled, and sudo was enabled for another user.

  25. [-] Administrators could not log in to a customer's Hosting Panel from Parallels Business Automation Standard. The following error occurred: "Error: Logged user has no access to the subscription".

  26. [-] IIS-based sites using MySQL were working very slowly.

  27. [-] Users could not create a webspace on an already existing domain.

  28. [-] The migration tool failed to update itself.

  29. [-] Users could not migrate subscriptions from Plesk 11.5 to Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5. The following error occurred: "Line 177 error: Element 'cron', attribute 'encoding': The attribute 'encoding' is not allowed."

  30. [-] Users could not migrate subscriptions from Plesk for Linux to Parallels Plesk Automation, if the default Linux Shared Hosting service template was used. The following error occurred: "Mail content transfer from Qmail/Postfix to SmarterMail mail service is not supported. Assign this subscription to a service template which offers Postfix mail service."

  31. [-] Users could not migrate Microsoft SQL Server databases. The following error occurred: "Subscription is assigned to PPA service template <template name> that has no Microsoft SQL database service. Assign this subscription to a service template which offers Microsoft SQL database service."

  32. [-] Users could not migrate from Plesk for Windows to Parallels Plesk Automation. The following error occurred: [ERROR] check-infrastructure| Failed to check disk space requirements. Exception message: (u'Failed to detect Plesk virtual hosts directory, reg query output is incorrect: %s', u'\r\nHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control Session Manager\\Environment\r\n plesk_vhosts REG_EXPAND_SZ D:\\vhosts\r\n\r\n')

  33. [-] Migration from H-Sphere could fail even if there was a single subscription with issues.

  34. [-] During migration from Expand, users failed to run the ppa-transfer check.

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.2  (17 February 2014)

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.2

  1. [+] Support for Microsoft Windows 2012. Now Windows-based service nodes can be deployed on Microsoft Windows 2012.

  2. [+] Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Now users can deploy database servers with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 by means of a newly added service node role.

  3. [+] Automated deployment of Parallels Plesk Automation on Parallels Cloud Server nodes. Now administrators can deploy Parallels Plesk Automation on clusters of Parallels Cloud Server nodes with a few clicks. Refer to the Deployment Guide for details.

  4. [+] Mail service on branded domains. Now users can set up mail accounts and use other mail services under their branded domains.

  5. [+] Relocation of IIS-based webspaces. Now administrators can move IIS-based webspaces among service nodes.

  6. [+] Migration from Windows-based H-Sphere. Migration from Windows-based H-Sphere installations is now supported.

  7. [*] The diagnostics of Parallels Plesk Automation installation issues on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers were improved.

  8. [-] Users could not install PPA if a node's host name did not resolve to the "communication IP address" specified in the first installation step.

  9. [-] PPA installation and upgrade failed if the installer was executed from an SSH session with a locale other than en-US.

  10. [-] Users could not upgrade to PPA 11.5 on CentOS 5. They encountered the following error: "[ERROR]: Failed to download file: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 400: Bad Request."

  11. [-] Users failed to upgrade to PPA 11.5 if a PPA mirror repository was reconfigured and a wrong IP address was used.

  12. [-] Users on CentOS 5 could not upgrade to PPA 11.5 if there were 4 GB of RAM on the server.

  13. [-] Users on CentOS 6 failed to upgrade to PPA 11.5 because of stalled task "Service state changed".

  14. [-] Users failed to upgrade BIND on service nodes with CentOS 6 and RHEL 6.

  15. [-] Upgrade from PPA 11.1 to 11.5 failed if the system host name of a service nodes was set to localhost.localdomain.

  16. [-] The upgrade utility did not check if there was enough free disk space before starting an upgrade.

  17. [-] Administrators failed to add Linux-based service nodes if logging in under the user root was disabled, and sudo login was enabled for another user.

  18. [-] Users could not add PostgreSQL service nodes if the database server administrator's password contained special characters.

  19. [-] Users could not add Windows-based service nodes with Adobe ColdFusion.

  20. [-] Users could not properly deactivate resource records in the DNS zones of their domains. After switching off those domains, the previously deactivated records became active again.

  21. [-] Users could not set up branded domains.

  22. [-] Users could not properly rebrand the Panel logo.

  23. [-] Branded domains were suspended because of disk space overuse. This happened because the logs of branded domains were not rotated.

  24. [-] WHMCS could not provision subscriptions for domain names containing hyphens.

  25. [-] On removal of customer accounts from WHMCS, an error message was recorded in log files.

  26. [-] Users could not remove a customer account from WHMCS if the customer's subscription was not provisioned to PPA and the order was flagged as fraudulent.

  27. [-] Additional Apache directives specified by users (in Hosting Panel > Websites tab > Web Server Settings) were not applied.

  28. [-] Users were unable to receive notifications related to scheduled tasks from crontab.

  29. [-] After renaming the main FTP account user, users were unable to edit files in File Manager if there was an additional FTP account.

  30. [-] Users could not open the Presence Builder editor from the Hosting Panel.

  31. [-] Users could see two Mail tabs in the Hosting Panel.

  32. [-] Users could not schedule tasks in the Hosting Panel.

  33. [-] NAT IP address was shown in the Hosting Panel.

  34. [-] After changing resource limits or settings in a service template, users could not apply the changes to existing subscriptions.

  35. [-] After restarting a management node, the node's IP address was removed from the network interface.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.11

  1. [-]  The Search module was redesigned to address the issue with the deprecated Google API.

  2. [-]  To resolve issues in the Text & Images module and to better support Internet Explorer 11, the TinyMCE component was upgraded to version 3.5.10.

  3. [-]  Users of mobile devices could experience issues with viewing the contents of Online Store modules on published websites.

  4. [-]  Images uploaded to the Image Slider module were shown in the wrong order.

  5. [-]  The layout of a webpage could be disrupted if the Text & Images module contained lengthy text.

Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.2

  1. [-]  An error occurred on the Renew Order Confirmation screen after attempting to reorder the columns.

  2. [-]  Special symbols in the Purchase Scenario title could prevent users from editing service plan publication settings.

  3. [-]  Parallels Plesk Automation Billing could not be installed on CentOS 6.5.

  4. [-]  Upgrades of Parallels Plesk Automation Billing failed if the database password was not set.

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.1  (27 December 2013)

  1. [*] To simplify the process of creating branded subscriptions for providers, a button labeled "Configure", which leads to the Hosting Panel, was added to the Administration Panel > System > Brands.

  2. [*] The status of service nodes is now indicated in the list of nodes at Administration Panel > Infrastructure > Service Nodes.

  3. [*] PTR DNS records can now be retrieved by means of the PPA API.

  4. [-] Incorrect links to the Branding Guide were placed in the Administration Panel.

  5. [-] Users of Google Chrome could not access Help and Support resources in the Hosting Panel.

  6. [-] When adding a node with the role "Apache web server / Postfix mail server / MySQL database server / PostgreSQL database server", PPA generated one password for both MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers.

  7. [-] Users could not install the "ppa_backup" package on DNS service nodes. They encountered the "Package installation failed" error.

  8. [-] Users could not create new webspaces if they specified already existing system user accounts in webspace settings. Now PPA checks the uniqueness of system user names and warns users when necessary.

  9. [-] In some cases, administrators could not remove license keys for service nodes.

  10. [-] On Windows hosting accounts after an upgrade from 11.1 to 11.5: After changing a system user name, users were no longer able to access and manage their files over FTP and in File Manager.

  11. [-] Users were unable to install PPA on a server that had two IP addresses.

  12. [-] After an upgrade from PPA 11.1 to 11.5, user's language in the Hosting Panel was reset to the default American English locale.

  13. [-] Users could not remove user roles from the Hosting Panel.

  14. [-] Changing resource allotments on subscriptions by means of API did not work.

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5.0  (10 December 2013)

  1. [+] Management Node on CentOS/RedHat 6. With this release the PPA management node is installed on CentOS/RedHat 6 x64 platform. The previously installed on CentOS/RedHat 5 PPA version 11.1 can be upgraded in-place without the OS change.

  2. [+] Combined Customer Panel. Unlike PPA 11.1 release where the Customer Panel was completely represented by Parallels Plesk Panel, PPA 11.5 uses a combined customer panel built on the basis of Parallels Automation. The Parallels Plesk screens are still used to manage web and mail hosting. The other functions of the customer panel are delegated to the Parallels Automation implementation.

  3. [+] Customer Panel Branding. Due to the different structure of the Customer Panel, the layout of the branding site has also changed. Please refer to the Branding Guide for details. Note that the upgrade script does not change the branded site automatically. If you have customized your Panel's look and feel, please follow the instructions in the guide to adjust the files manually on the branding site.

  4. [+] PPA Billing. The new service node "Billing" role is available for installation. The billing module is based on the Parallels Business Automation system, but features simplified setup and management workflows designed for the needs of hosting providers. In the PPA 11.5 release, billing is limited to the single tenant solution, and resellers are not supported yet. The billing module requires a separate license.

  5. [+] Service Nodes Capacity Control. Now you can define the maximum number of websites and mailboxes you would like to host on a particular service node. You can also choose how the service nodes should be filled – equally consuming their capacity or switching to the next node only after the previous node’s capacity is reached. You can limit the number of service instances provisioned on each node and filter the websites by a particular node. To do this, go to the Services > Websites screen, expand the filter area and select the desired node in the Service Node field.

  6. [+] Moving Services Between Nodes. The command-line tools are available for moving Apache webspaces and Postfix domains between service nodes.

  7. [+] Multiple Webspaces per Subscription. PPA webspace is limited by a single shared or dedicated IP address and the same system user owning all domains inside the webspace. Mail settings inside the webspace are also the same for the entire webspace. To manage domains individually, one needs to create separate webspaces for each independent domain. Now it is possible to have several independent domains/webspaces within a single subscription. In addition to this, now you can have Apache and IIS sites in the same subscription.

  8. [+] Upselling from Shared to Dedicated IP Addresses. The provider and customers now can switch a webspace from shared to dedicated IP addresses and vice versa. It is possible to sell a certain number of dedicated IP addresses within a subscription.

  9. [+] DNS Branding. Now you can provide customer access to the control panel via your branded URL and also have the name servers listed in the hosted DNS zones under the names corresponding to your branded URL. This feature is available for both providers and resellers. For example, if a reseller’s domain is, the name servers in the NS records can look like,

  10. [+] Roundcube for Webmail. Roundcube is now offered as a free webmail solution. Horde is also supported as in the previous releases. Atmail is no longer offered in new installations.

  11. [+] Licensing changes. The release 11.5 of Parallels Plesk Automation eliminates the need of having an additional service node license for the management node. Instead, the main PPA key carries the cost of the management node. PPA as a whole can now be licensed in two different ways. It preserves the previous way of purchasing a separate license key for each web and mail node, and introduces the new scheme where you can license the entire product by the number of websites, which eliminates the need of installing additional node license keys.

  12. [+] Disk Space and Traffic Overuse. Now you can allow or prohibit overuse of disk space and traffic through the service template. You can configure notifications issued to yourself and to the customers warning about the approach to the subscription limit and reaching the limit.

  13. [+] Web Hosting from Plesk 11.5. PPA 11.5 release includes transition to Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5, which brings new hosting capabilities:

    • The default website file structure (virtual host template) is clearer now.
      Before Now
      • Panel does not allow creating directories in the site's root.
      • Panel system files are shown in File Manager.
      • The default suggested name for the domain's and subdomain's root is site1.
      • Directories:
        • Logs - statistics/logs
        • Statistics - statistics
        • Protected directories - pd
        • Web server configuration - conf
      • Panel allows creating directories in the site's root.
      • Panel system files are hidden in File Manager.
      • The default suggested name for the domain's and subdomain's root is the domain name.
      • Directories are moved out of the site's root:
        • Logs - /var/www/vhosts/system//logs
        • Statistics - /var/www/vhosts/system//statistics
        • Protected directories - /var/www/vhosts/system//pd
        • Web server configuration - /var/www/vhosts/system//conf
    • Multiple PHP versions are available for web hosting
    • Secure FTP access
  14. [+] DNS only Hosting. Pure DNS Hosting plans are available now. No other services are involved into your DNS hosting offering.

  15. [+] Applications in Service Templates. As an alternative to allowing access to the entire APS Application Catalog for your customers, now you can explicitly include resources representing specific applications into the service templates. Customers whose subscriptions are based on such templates will be able to install only APS applications included in the template.

  16. [+] Upsell to Premium Webmail – Open-Xchange. One of the APS packages, which can be offered in the service template, is the Open-Xchange integration package, which allows you upselling the customers from the basic webmail solution to premium collaboration services offered by Open-Xchange. Open-Xchange webmail should be installed and managed separately.

  17. [+] Migration Tool Improvements. PPA 11.5 migration tools now allow to:

    • Change the domain owner during the migration.
    • Migrate domains into a single or multiple subscriptions.
    • Migrate both Plesk Domain and Plesk Client accounts under Parallels Business Automation Standard.
    • Migration is available from: Parallels Plesk Panel versions 8.6 – 11.5; Parallels Plesk Expand.
    • Migration from Parallels H-Sphere is limited to Linux hosting only.
  18. [*]  PPA deploys IIS on Windows web nodes automatically.

  19. [*]  PPA configures YUM on service nodes automatically.

  20. [*]  Added the ability to define the vhost path during IIS node attachment.

  21. [*]  File Manager can download files directly instead of generating FTP links, which do not work in some browsers.

  22. [*]  Reporting of resource usage was reworked. In particular, all subscription counters are updated synchronously and only disk space and traffic usage are processed in the daily maintenance procedure.

  23. [*]  A service node now can be easily unregistered even if it is not available.

  24. [*]  Mail user can change password in the Customer Panel.

  25. [*]  Extended checks in the service_node_checker utility.

  26. [*]  A subscription can be assigned a specified name during the subscription creation.

  27. [*]  Administrator can choose the type if IP address (shared/dedicated) for the branded site during creation of the brand.

  28. [*]  WHMCS module for PPA can redirect customers to brand URL of the Customer Panel.

  29. [*]  Added a way to make auto login in PPA CP through its API.

  30. [*]  Synchronized user permissions between Provider and Customer panels, regardless of the panel in which a user was registered.

  31. [-]  Upgrade from shared to dedicated IP is now available.

  32. [-]  FTP backup password can contain "/".

  33. [-]  Backup stores the predefined number of copies, not more.

  34. [-]  Webmail sends mail from Mail node, not via the PHP on web server.

  35. [-]  Log rotation for the agent log file "/opt/psa_agent/logs/agent.log" is enabled on service nodes.

  36. [-]  It is now impossible to delete the main account administrator until there are active subscriptions.

  37. [-]  Applications can now be downloaded from the Applications tab in the Customer Panel.

  38. [-]  Logs for add-on domains are now accessible from the UI.

  39. [-]  Switching between customer subscriptions do not have side effects on the preferred customer locales.

  40. [-]  Added verification into the service template parameters to prevent log rotation settings by size and by time.

  41. [-]  Resolved issues with a subscription upgrade by adding MSSQL DB hosting.

  42. [-]  Resolved issues with deletion of Resource Type not included in any Service Template.

  43. [-]  Resolved issues with creating mail accounts with encrypted password via command line.

  44. [-]  Access to license management can be controlled by staff member role.

  45. [-]  Communication IP address is no longer shown to the site owner as an option for site IP.

  46. [-]  Improved the stability of daily maintenance tasks when hosting nodes are not accessible. Now the processing skips unavailable nodes and continues with other nodes. The skipped nodes will be processed next time they become available.

  47. [-]  Resolved issues with mail log rotation. Previously, the rotation was failing in case of special characters in the log file.

  48. [-]  Resolved issues with Presence Builder snapshot restoration. Previously, it was failing on Windows web nodes.

  49. [-]  Resolved issues with releasing dedicated IP addresses when the subscription is removed. Previously, the IP address was not unregistered completely, which led to the error messages like "Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '' for key 2" on the second attempt to reuse the same IP.

  50. [-]  Horde and Roundcube settings were adjusted to send email through the Mail node, not through the webmail node.

  51. [-]  DNS server updates failed with the internal deadlock in the database.

  52. [-]  Improved performance of daily maintenance tasks during cleanup of old vhost files.

  53. [-]  FTP service was unavailable right after the server restart.

  54. [-]  Now deletion of the initial Account Administrator is prohibited because the Plesk subscription is registered under this account. You need to cancel the shared hosting subscription first to remove this staff member from the PPA account.

  55. [-]  Resolved issues with dependency on libxml++ i386 for PPA installation.

  56. [-]  DNS PTR record was not created for mail only subscriptions. Now it is created automatically when the subscription is being provisioned.

  57. [-]  The "Retrieve License" button in License Manager is hidden until the main PPA key is uploaded to the system.

  58. [-]  The issue with the variety of ZIP code formats was fixed.

  59. [-]  Removed NS records from the DNS template. The NS records are generated automatically based on the name servers definition in the DNS Hosting resource.

  60. [-]  Corrected the instructions for the mail client configuration shown to the customers on the Mail tab.

  61. [-]  Webmail A record was pointing at the communication IP address instead of hosting IP address if the communication IP happened to be the first IP on the interface.

  62. [-]  Resolved issues with registration of the backup node when the FTP password contained special characters.

  63. [-]  Autocompletion is turned off on the login dialog for security reasons.

  64. [-]  OpenAPI logs did not provide the correct originating IP addresses.

  65. [-]  Resolved issues with the disk and traffic usage reports when the value exceeded 2 GB.

  66. [-]  Resolved issues with the dependency on the correct version of the apr packages, which are not available on some operating systems by default.